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Collecting money

he is sending us mail that we need to collect 1.3 million dollar from him but in order to claim that money we need to send  $55,000 for the tax when i told him i dont have that huge amount his start cursing me saying F and everyday his bodering calling me agai and again using different tacktiks and using differen number +661128113382


+447466974506 his using those number and using new strategy that his sending someting for me and i need to pay the tax for that package his a scammer and till now he never stop bothering keep asking for money which i cant provide.anyone who will recieve call or msg using that num pls beware and bythe way his using FB adding people to victim.thank you anyone please dont trush him and his using under the name of EDMOND MORISE i dont know if  thats his real name

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  1. Scammer

    He add me in FB and start messaging each other his using the name EDMOND MORISE claiming that his from neitherland and working in UK in engrineering company and saying his late father one of the owner of PETRONAS GAS IN MALAYSIA and he recieved invitation from PETRONAS GAS to claime his fathers benefits worth a million dollar and saying after claiming the amount he will be visiting in phillipines to meet me after 2days in malaysia as he said that his in malaysia he need to pay the tax worth $60,000 in order to claim the check from the goverment then he started contacting me saying if i can help him out paying the tax so he can claim the check when i told him i dont have any penny his so mad at me saying bad words he lied to me making me believed that his real i dont even know if his using his real name or using other peoples identity and pictures from that on his been contacting me saying sweet words and promises till his not getting anything from me he never stops so i block him im fb amd messenger where he contacted me so guys anyone outher whos contacted with this person pls ignore him and dont belived him his such a user keep on asking help from me his good in making story his using the same number pretending from UK and came to malaysia to claim his millions and asking me to help him to pay his tax please dont believed him thank wish i can send his photo maybe his using others face or other picture to hide his real identity.

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Severity of Scam :Extremely High
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