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It's a sneaky move by a company operating in bad faith

I ended up hearing from higher ups at Earnhardt Cadillac. I can’t recall if Tom, the person that responded to my review and asked me to reach out was one of them, but the last communication I had was with Anthony, the guy that sold me the vehicle. I explained to him what bothered me about the situation, and i restated how I liked the place and had intended on purchasing a new car for my wife in 6 months or so, but couldn’t see myself doing another deal with them based on how the most recent experience was.

Anthony told me that if I came down there and bought another car for my wife, then they’d add a year of registration on for the SUV I had just purchased, whether it was now or 6 months from now. This offer is pretty brazen if you ask me: the first deal left feeling dissatisfied about due to feeling misled, but then you expect me to purchase a second car and I’m supposed to trust that I’m not being screwed in some way on the back end of that deal? A borderline laughable offer if you ask me. The moral of this story is that 40 or so people found this review useful. If the result of that is 1 person not buying a car from this dealership, then they ended up losing out in the long run. Hope it was worth it guys.

I put 20k down on a ~60k (after tax) SUV from Earnhardt Cadillac. We got into the negotiating phase and I explained what I could pay per month, etc, and the sales consultant Anthony went and discussed it with the finance people a few times. After some haggling, I came up on what I’d pay monthly by a bit, they came down a bit, and the deal was signed. A couple weeks later I get my registration sticker in the mail stating that I needed to renew my registration in 2 months. I found this pretty odd because I’ve never actually purchased a car from a dealership then had the registration expire that shortly after.

Turns out where they were willing to be flexible in their price on the vehicle was where they could cut a corner and give me a short registration. Anthony and the finance guy Toby, who went over the paperwork with me, never mentioned that my registration would be expiring so soon.

If I had been made aware of this, I wouldn’t have a real issue, but it’s a sneaky move by a company operating in bad faith. This was my second (and last) car purchased from Earnhardt Cadillac. Not that it will make much of a difference but I’ll be driving this complaint up the chain with GM. I’m not under the impression they did anything illegal, just sneaky, underhanded, dishonest and without integrity.

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  1. Earnhardt Cadillac Bad Service.

    he Car, a Cadillac DTS. We could not remove key from ignition. They quoted $450 to repair, then changed price to $650. When they attempted repair, they shorted the battery so it needed replacement.

    All this with only 2,000 miles use on the car since purchased. Took two weeks and car is still not repaired.
    Disgusted !!

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Reported Loss :500 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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