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DTopp Marketing LLC is an online reputation management company that scams innocent clients like me. I have been scammed out of 4500 USD. I trusted them time and again and they cheated me every time.

They provide 90 days of money back guarantee period if the reviews or links have not been deleted or suppressed respectively. This is where I got trapped and trusted them and paid via the wire transfer which cannot be reversed.

I waited for the 90 days’ period and nothing was done. One link did get successfully suppressed because of the client’s popularity in the industry. Because of the positive press from other medias the link got supressed.

DTopp got the credit of suppression which wasn’t the case at all. However, I had no issue as even the client paid to me. I have had couple of other order with them and they were never successfully suppressed by the time period they mentioned.

I asked them for the refund. They advised me to fill the form. I did the same and they said that the refund will be done within 15 days of form filling.

This is pure scam. They never take payment via credit card since we can easily charge back the same if the description of the services does not meet the criteria.

David Topping is a convicted criminal. His company visualizes the fake reviews. They hire fake reviews from the website like fiverr and freelancer.

I pleaded them many times for the refund. They told me that they are sending me the check which was never received on the address I provided them.

You can check out the other reviews placed by the people like me https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/dtopp/wilmington-north-carolina-28401/dtopp-david-toppingdavid-toppdtoppdavid-a-topping-ad-said-fake-reviews-removal-suppr-1449756

I also request you to check Dtopp’s yelp & bbb complaints. I am not sure but Dtopp’s yelp page has been deindexed or removed. I will email yelp that someone in their staff is a scammer and they deindex pages for money.

On yelp, there are many people who have reported that Dtopp aka David Topping scammed them out. No one would file for the lawsuit because it costs way more than what they paid to David. They are leveraging on this and scamming everyone out.

I am going to spread this report to couple of other platforms to make sure no one get scammed by Dtopp Marketing LLC.

I am looking for the refund of my 4500 USD at the address provided. They will know me as soon as they will read my email.

If you have been scammed by David Topping or Dillon Aldrich, please comment or place your review here so that we can contact each other and file the lawsuit.

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9 reviews on DTopp

  1. Yes, DTopp LLC is the scam

    I have also hired them for the yelp review deletion and used their express removal services which costed me 400 USD. After 90 days of period I asked them for the refund and all of my refund request has been denied.

    I am willing to join with you to file the lawsuit, please let me know how do I can contact you to burst this scammer.

  2. Dtopp is a scam

    They took my money for the review removal service and then stopped emailing or corresponding. They never deleted anything and took my money. I have a lawyer to go after them – just need a few more people to make this a class action – message me if you were scammed

    1. James Rosnack
    2. Dennis

      Dtopp is a complete Scam

      I hired Dtopp to suppress 4 links. I paid them $2850. They did not suppress the links at all. They have not given me my refund. They ignore all attempts to contact them.

      Do not give them any money or Dtopp will steal it.

    3. Dennis

      I was scammed by Dtopp for $2850. How do I message you?

  3. David Topping; A convicted felon, retaining fraud again.

    The following describes a government action that has been resolved by either a settlement or a decision by a court or administrative agency. If the matter is being appealed, it will be noted below.

    On October 04, 2017, David Alan Topping, owner of Dtopp LLC, was sentenced to probation for securities fraud and obtaining property by false pretenses. For more information contact the North Carolina Department of Public public safety at 919-733-2126 or https://www.ncdps.gov/.

    Despite the BBB’s efforts to alert the company, they are currently displaying BBB’s federally-registered trademark logo in one or more places of advertisement (i.e., yellow pages, newspaper, magazine, website, flyer, etc).

    The company’s unauthorized use of the BBB logo is against BBB policy and could be construed to mean the company is affiliated in some way with the BBB. Furthermore, misuse of the BBB trademark constitutes trademark infringement and could be considered false advertising.

    The company is NOT an Accredited Business with the BBB of Coastal Carolina.

  4. Dtopp is a scam: Yes it is.

    They never refunded my money. They are the scammer. I have reported them to the authority and I am sure David will be behind the bar again.

    The copes asked me to submit the proof of payment which I did via the pay check.

    I have had hand overed all the details and will put some updates here.

  5. Internet Fraud by scam artists and liars

    I too have spent several months attempting to get multiple refunds back from DTOPP and they have lied to me every step of the way. They will not refund your money under any circumstance and I am currently filing a lawsuit against them. Do NOT use DTOPP!

  6. no refund

    I’m a business owner and paid DTopp to remove some Yelp reviews. It’s been 4 months and they didn’t do anything. I requested a refund a month ago and haven’t received a refund check yet…

  7. Scammed for $150.00

    DTOPP is a blatant scam. There is absolutely no reason to believe otherwise. I was scammed. They collect your money by check as they are claiming their credit card service provider dropped them. Which is a lie to get you to pay by check. David Topping has gone down for fraud again. I’m just perplexed as to why he wants to make a living off of scamming people?? The lengths he goes to to scam folks is confusing.

    Either way 90 days came – no suppression and no refund from DTOPP. Scam, Scam, and Scam.

  8. Dtopp Scam

    If Dtopp scammed you file a complaint here:

    Also file with the state Attorney general so we can stop this serial fraudster and try and get our money back.

  9. Dtopp Scam

    Scammed by Dtopp, several thousand, no responses to emails, online tickets, calls, voicemails for over 1 month. Filed with NC State Police and ICCC, prior fraud charges should have some interest in moving forward with criminal charges against the owner. I’ve contacted James in this thread to see on criminal and civil actions we may group together and pursue.

Wilmington NC US
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Reported Loss :18508 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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