Dr. William Portuese

Dr. William Portuese

I am writing this review because I feel really bad after meeting Dr. William Portuese. His staffs like to make fun of people and their name. The experience is worst, and I want everyone to know what kind of human beings these guys are.

I had an accident few years back. That accident left me with broken nose. Although the surgeon who did my surgery after the accident, took care of it, but with year, as I grew, the nose started becoming distorted again. The bone seems zigzag and the tip bent. I even had pain between the eyes. I was recommended to Dr. Portuese through a friend. So, I called his office. The lady who received the call told me that the consultation was free, but I will be charged if I did not make to their office as per the appointment date.

So, I reached there as per the appointment date. The lady at the reception handed me some paper to sign and started talking to another lady while I was checking the papers. She did not notice but I heard them making fun of my name. When she came to me for collecting the papers, I told her that I was there when they were making fun of me. To which, she tried to settle me down by saying that they were not able to pronounce my name.

I was then taken to a room for photos. After checking the photos, dr Portuese said that he would not be able to fix the bent or the uneven nose. I was then taken to the finance guy and he told me that the surgery would be for $12,500. I was shocked. What the surgery was for when he denied the correction of the nose shape. When I asked, the lady showed me a picture of before and after. I could not detect any change in both the pictures. She said that they would smoothen the bump.

I left and after few weeks, I was charged $125 from my card. I called his office and the same lady received my call. I asked about the free consultation and she said that the fee was deducted for everyone, so they had to do it for me. I could not buy that excuse. If they had to deduct the amount, why did they advertise for the free consultation in the first place.

She further added that she wanted to deduct the amount earlier as well, but the transaction did not go through. If that was the case, why did not she consult me earlier for the fee. Whatever they said was a lie. The doctor was incapable of fixing my problem, still he wanted me to pay for no change.

The staffs were rude and lied about the fee. They did not have any insurance ties and are scamming people by unlawful means. This experience left me with a question: Does every plastic surgeon is a fraud? I am not going for any surgery, at least not at dr. Portuese clinic.

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1 reviews on Dr. William Portuese

  1. I'm definitely not going back to Dr. William Portuese

    I called back in December to make an appointment. The day of the appointment was yesterday but I called to cancel the day before because I was out of town for an unexpected funeral and couldn’t make it back in time.

    I left a voicemail and didn’t receive a call back so I thought all was well. This morning I saw that this clinic then took $125 from my account and when I called to ask what had happened the receptionist told me that I would have had to call within 48 hours of my consultation appointment to not be charged.

    She was short and acted annoyed that I would ask about the charge, and told me that I had been told about the 48 hour cancellation policy when I made the appointment.

    I told her that I was not told about it, and she said it was their policy and there was nothing they could do. I would have liked to know that I needed to call by then, but I was not told to do so.

    I’m definitely not going back to this clinic and would not recommend it to others due to the rude way they treat their would-be patients.

    1. Kim

      Definitely not going to see this Dr. William Portuese thanks for heads up on this

      Wow I just found your site and other sites about this man


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