Dr Valentina Yasinsky

Repaired by another Dentist

The office staff and Dr Yasinsky are extremely friendly and professional. Very easy to work with. I hate to give them a poor review, but…well, you’ll see.

I went to Dr Y for several years. Though I kept up with appointments and brushing/flossing, I was still getting cavities. What gives? I figured I had bad teeth genetically and had all the work done she recommended (easy enough since my insurance covered it fully).

Then I moved. Today, my new dentist was looking over my x-rays and seeing that there were cavities forming on teeth that already had fillings, as well as the teeth next to those. He was lecturing me on cutting back on acidic, sugary drinks like sweetened coffee and soda (I drink neither), when he pulled out this camera gizmo that takes ultra close pictures of your teeth.

He paused mid-lecture. And told me that 90% of my problems are not my fault.

Apparently, there is a standard way to do mercury fillings that all dentists learn in dental school. Then there are composite fillings. Which are totally different. Well, Dr Y did composite fillings with a mercury filling-technique. And it did not work out.

My teeth, instead of sitting next to each other like round river rocks, are cutting into each other like jagged boulders. They are touching at the tops of the teeth, and wide apart at the gum line – so food collects but can’t get out. Some teeth are even shaped so that parts of the filling are CUTTING INTO NEIGHBORING TEETH, and causing damage.

My new dentist said he won’t even called them cavities. He used the term “failed fillings.”

Now, I know I’m not a dentist, and how can I be sure the new guy isn’t just trying to sell me on his way, etc etc. The proof is in this amazing camera that showed me, in perfect clarity, the problems he was talking about.

My husband also had dental work done by Dr Y that needed to be repaired by another dentist.

They are the nicest people over at Dr Y’s office. But as I am looking at four fillings and a crown, with way less insurance coverage at my new job, by the way, I am livid.

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3 reviews on Dr Valentina Yasinsky

  1. The Geary Dental is EXCELLENT CLINIC!

    Valentina is very nice, helpful, knowledgeable, and patient doctor! She always keeps me calm (I can’t help but build all sorts of anxiety upon arriving). She talks me thorough what will happen so that I’m aware of what I’m getting myself into. In my experience with dentistry…

    I prefer to be talked through whatever procedure is going on. Sitting in a chair with 2 pairs of hands and tons of tools is quite invasive and one can’t help but feel vulnerable, just a little guidance and time keeping helps those of us that have had traumatic dental issues in the past. She is pleasant, kind, helpful and knowledgeable. Very professional.

  2. Dealing with her has been difficult and stressful.

    Dr. Velentina Yasinsky, subsequently, and directly because of the procedure, I experienced severe pain in all of the teeth. I was diagnosed by another dentists with having too much enamel removed during the veneer procedures, requiring root canals on all 6 teeth. Doctor Valentina never started working in my mouth without taking a X ray and in the end I my teeth were destroyed.

    I have paid about $2,880 and owe about $2,120. Dr. Yasinsky performed the veneer procedures has paid for the 6 root canals, but recently one the of the veneers is leaking, requiring additional procedures, which she refuses to pay for unless I sign a release letter discharging her from her responsibility. As soon as I found out I needed a root canal to be done, I refused to pay the rest of my bill.

  3. I would recommend her!

    I enjoyed my recent visit to Dr. Y’s office. All the staff was very professional and also personable. From my first visit I felt comfortable and appreciated. Dr. Y explained everything to me, the benefits and options that I have available with my insurance, and I left feeling fantastic.

    Her and her staff did a great job with my cleaning, very professional and not painful. I appreciate her honesty, advice, and support with my oral health needs 🙂 I will be back, she is now my primary dentist, I would recommend her!

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