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Dr. Steven Gundry advertises fake offers

I receive many promotional emails and it is rare that I click on any of them. It takes me a lot to go through the entire mail.

However, I checked the one about Vital Reds, Total Restore and Lactin Shield and It was very frustrating.

It talks about strengthening the inner balance of helpful microbes. I had read about it earlier and knew about the product.

There was a link few days back that claimed to be a short video. However, when I clicked on it, it took 1 hour to complete.

Although it was not a small video but the information seemed interesting.

So, when I saw the offer email, I couldn’t resist myself and instantly clicked on the offer.

The offer said that there was free delivery on all the US orders and there was no shipping charge which seemed nice.

So, I wanted to give it a try.

I clicked on the link and it took me to the page that asked me for my information.

So, I filled in all the details with payment information.

However, it was not getting through and was asking me to select the shipping charge.

The cheapest plan was for $4.95.

This was a big turn off and I promptly called the customer service. They were rude and did not mention anything about the offer.

They told me that the offer has expired. But, they emailed me and I clicked the link right away. It also showed in the website.

So, how the offer was gone in just few minutes of typing my details. I asked them not to contact me again.

This is a fake company that make you think you can get a lot of benefits.

I think I was saved because later when I checked in detail about the reviews, I was stunned.

They have got few great comments in the starting of the review page.

But, when you will scroll down, you will find lots of people talking about their worst customer service.

Dr. Steven Gundry also advertised that the green and white tea do not have caffeine.

Do you think this is possible? On the contrary, they have caffeine in high amount.

People who have tried to give up on this vital red, have to go through a lot of problems.

They have reported about body ache and headache.

They have also mentioned the problems with their heart rate and all these are related to the caffeine addiction.

So, if you want to get rid of this thing, you need to do it gradually.

It categorizes this shitty, vital red by Dr. Steven under other addictive products such as alcohol and drugs.

I would not advise anyone to go for it.

This product is not worth a penny. I had the worst experience with this company.

And if they continue to be like this, soon they will lose their customers for no good.

Dr. Steven is fooling customers though these worthless doses and all his claims have no ground.

Is Dr. Steven Gundry a scam?
Dr. Steven Gundry is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Dr. Steven Gundry legit?
First Dr. Steven Gundry is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Dr. Steven Gundry’s consumers?
There is/are 81 review(s) posted about Dr. Steven Gundry and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is Dr. Steven Gundry located?
Dr. Steven Gundry is located at 9465 Wilshire Blvd #300, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA. You can contact Dr. Steven Gundry by dialing N/A or visit their website gundrymd.com/ before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Steven Gundry’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $676446 was the total loss incurred by Dr. Steven Gundry’s customers.

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81 reviews on Dr. Steven Gundry

  1. Regina M

    Fraud! Beware!

    His powder is awful to drink and is of no value as it did does not deliver on results.

  2. James Harris

    Felt no difference

    I used Vital Reds.
    Felt NO DIFFERENCE at all.

  3. John Purdie

    What initially got my attention, was the picture of what looked like slices of a banana, in a clear liquid in a frying pan. The caption on the picture stated that if you try this…you will get a real gut cleansing….I clicked on, hoping to find what I saw…
    but having to watch the short video, which in essence was not short, but very long and boring, another misleading remark, and I still did not find the cure-all banana recipe…when I got to the point when Dr. “Wandery” Gundry brought up how to order his famous gut pills for $69.00 or so, I would call this MISLEADING
    ADVERTISING…to put it mildly…Another scam artist…MR. “WANDERY GUNDRY” This should be reported to the Federal Non-Compliance Agency…which I plan to do!
    John Purdie.

    1. Stickem

      Should hang that quack upside down and gut him.

  4. Jeanne

    Dr Gundry Vital Reds are our family favorite addition to recovery drink and Pellegrino

    I like the Vital reds. The way I use the product is to add a tiny amount to my Pellegrino mineral water, and also to whey. The grassfed whey is what I use after workouts. The Vital Reds help it to mix better, while giving the recovery drink a faint reminder of berry flavor.

  5. Karishma

    No Product and No refund till date

    I have ordered 3 bottes of Total Restore on 28th of Jul’19. There was a typo error in my address which I immediately wrote to the support team at [email protected] to get it rectified. However, to my utter dismay I was informed over mail that any kind of rectification is not possible at all and I would be refunded. But till date, despite several reminder, neither have I received my order nor my refund.
    And to top it all the support team has completely stopped responding to my mails.

  6. Roberta Dunn

    Dr. Gundry's food plan works if you do it!

    I am a food coach, teacher and researcher. Dr. Gundry’s program works. My husband is reversing his heart disease. My health has improved beyond what I had ever expected. Both my husband and I follow the Plant Paradox food model and use his prebiotics mix, and Vital Reds and have seen amazing results. Customer service issues are no reason to bash Dr. Gundry and his great work. He is the real deal. I only hope that more doctors will have the courage to add nutritional components into their medical practices. Changing your food changes your life, not just taking his supplements and products.

  7. James Burruano

    Big Lie

    Not a product anyone should get. Causes inflammation in your gut, diarrhea and minimal improvement in energy. This is a scam. I really dont know who would quit there job as a cardiologist/surgeon to sell a vitamin anyway. Makes one think he could not hold that professional job for various reasons.

  8. RICH



  9. Peter Sanderson

    Deceptive Marketing

    I just spent, or should I say wasted a good half hour listening to Dr Gundry’s presentation on Olive oil and not once did he indicate what the volume of the actual bottle is ?????
    This is deceptive marketing and illegal.
    Every product sold on line must show price and volume otherwise how do people know how much they are paying per ounce or per ml.

    Peter Sanderson

  10. STAN


    Don’t know what the reviewer who claims there is apparently caffeine hiding in this product is basing this statement on. Part of the fruit extracts or naturally occurring in the other ingredients? My wife and I have been able to reduce caffeine use with this product. Does the reader who claims to have gotten withdrawal symptoms after stopping use of the product have any data to back this up? Just trying to get at the truth. The product is not a panacea but it seems to help. I have an integrative cardiologist who thinks the polyphyenols are certainly not hurting patients and generally are a good thing. Everyone has a bit of a different take on Dr. Gundry’s products and Lectin theory, which may apply to some parts of the populace. Large organizations often have trouble with their customer service staff and apparently this one is no different from many others.

  11. Dana Shaw

    They don’t really refund your money on products you don’t like

    I have tried to return a couple of products that I didn’t like and did not seem to work if Gundry’s. They try to get you to keep the product and when you won’t agree they make you send it back at your cost. Today I tried to return a box of tri trim and they wouldn’t take it back at all due to being past the 90 day return. Well I bought 3 in an offer and by the time I got to the third one it was past the 90 days and I can tell you it does not work. They should take their product back if they really stand behind it. It is expensive and a scam.

  12. Larry Kugelman

    It doesn't take a genius to see this guy's a fraud. I listened to the entire video while working on other, more important things at my desk and knew exactly where he was going with his "Report." The poor people who get bitten by scams like this are not experienced in the ways these charlatans advertise. And 99% of these cons follow the very same pattern, they all use the same template. Once you know what to look for, they give themselves away in the first 15 seconds. These parasitic vultures are all over the Internet. They are Masters of Deception and cover their tracks quite well. In the very beginning of the video, when they tell you to turn on your speakers, that's the first telltale sign. Then, when you realize he isn't just giving you information, he's setting you up for the "proprietary blend", the cure-all that only he has invented. As soon as he mentioned Dr. Oz, that's another red flag. Dr. Oz is also a scam artist. But, since he's promoted by Oprah "Windbag" Winfrey, another "revered billionaire con job, and "Dr. Phil," who has more mental problems than his patients, the Sheeple will fall into lockstep with the herd mentality which dictates that you do no research yourself because "If they're on Oprah, they're good enough for me." That lazy type of non-thinking will always separate the fool from his money. And The Beat Goes On.

    Don’t click on any of the ads you see in the sidebars of web pages. They’re ALL scams, designed to separate you from your money, or should I say from your soon-to-be worth-nothing fiat currency when hyperinflation hits. And it’s a-gonna hit…real soon. And it’s a-gonna hurt…real bad. Instead of spending your last remnants of our dying dollar on worthless crap from cockroaches like “Dr. Gundry”, go spend it on the few remaining assets which always hold their value when a country’s debt-based economy goes belly up and the banks close, ATMs don’t have any more money in them, the food stamp cards don’t work, and even if they did there’s no more food on the supermarket shelves and people lose everything, including access to food and clean water because the trucks stopped delivering. Then the riots and violence erupts on the streets and gangs emerge from their hiding places and fill the streets and neighborhoods, stealing, looting, shooting, murdering and raping at will. They exist in huge numbers in every single city. They’re like cockroaches and take control of a city within days. They and the Military possess the highest percentage of guns, so they take what they need from you. Martial Law is declared and the Military take control over…everything. Look to Venezuela and before them, Zimbabwe. But, I digress. Go buy what you’ll need to survive the imminent crash and that is gold, silver, guns and ammo. Learn how to grow your own food and stock up on water and antibiotics. Buy cigarettes, alcohol and first aid supplies for bartering. And install the best home security system with iron bars on windows and doors or you and your family WILL die.That’s my best advice. Cheerio.

  13. Ron

    Fake bad reporting!!!

    My 90 year old parents, two sisters 50 & 60, my wife 78, and myself 65 have all practice Dr. Gundry eating protocols and the results are almost amazing. My 90 year old dad when from one foot in the grave to performing like he is 60 and all in 6 months and off all his meds. Mom’s dementia has improved significantly, my sister is looking like she did when she was a teenager and is a nurse practitioner and is a great advocate of Dr Gundry and has encouraged all the physicians she works with to follow his advice. I personally am loosing weight and looking and feeling great! My wife swears by his vital reds and I love his lectin product which eliminated much of my bloating problem. His prices for his supplements are in par with most quality products on the market. He is the real deal! Read all the contrary reports, put you have no basis for your negative conclusions.

  14. Jan

    Come ons. Click bait. A waste of time.

    I have finally learned that clicking on a link that will end up making you happy, healthy, rich, or famous is stupid. You don’t know at the beginning that it will lead you to a lengthy, boring, full-of-lies video that is meant to fool us and then ends with a product you have to purchase. Gullible, trusting people are exciting about what they are about to learn ~ but it’s always the same. They want your money. If I cared enough to search for information on the ‘doctor’ in the video, I’m sure I would find that he is not who he claims to be, and he doesn’t even exist. Booooo.

  15. Eliezer Marquez

    I sent Gundry over $50, I started to wait for the bottle that he promised and a few weeks later he sent me back my money except for $5 and some change. He is big crook!! The government needs to stop this con artist. He’s probably not a real doctor.

  16. Vicki

    Spot diminishes does nothing of course he would use his wife as a patient!

    Do not buy this product, does nothing

  17. Mark

    Order olive oil - double chargef

    Do not do business with them.
    It is the second time they changed double for my orders, watch they keep repeating it to your credit.

  18. Angela Dalrymple

    Vital Reds. I was very excited about it, ordering it straight away. But to my shock when I got to the little square saying Stop it didn’t work when I pushed it so I was unable to buy the 6 bottles of Vital Red.
    It’s very disappointing and I’m extremely sad that this should happen. What can I do now, they have got my Email address so you would think they would get in touch with me. I’ll be 80 this year and I was looking so much forward to getting the Vital reds

  19. ELFARS

    Sells vegetable and fruit peelings for the price of gold! read the ingredient label

    Nothing magical here, just a bunch of sick people looking for a miracle, And Gundry is ready to provide, Carrot, Apple peel, grape skin, etc sounds like what I put in the trash every week, but people are willing to pay 69.95 for 5 oz of this garbage, Oh yes it has the (magical acai fruit extract ooohhh) and lemon, lime, orange, peach, pear, and plum : ad nauseum

  20. Richard Jones


    DO NOT BUY Bio Complete 3 or have any dealings with Dr. Steven Gundry it’s a scam.
    I am trying to get the so-called 100% money-back Guaranty !!
    There is no place on their web site where you can get your Guaranty.
    You can call the 800 # and with the same answer every time. (DUE TO THE HIGH VOLUME OF CALLS WE ARE UNABLE TO TAKE YOUR CALL. PLEASE CALL BACK LATER.

Reported Loss :676446 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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