Dr Stephen Pincus

Dr Pincus is a PERVERT

I consulted Dr Stephen Pincus concerning the bump on the bridge and a bulbous tip of my nose. I was distressed about the way my nose looked and wanted to fix it. That was of course not possible without a surgery. So, I went to the Beverly Hills famous plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Pincus. I have to admit that he did a marvelous job with my nose.

However, I am reporting the scam because he molested me without me being aware of his intentions whereas Dr. Stephen Pincus reviews show a totally different story. I am disturbed about his pestered professionalism. In clear words, Dr. Stephen Pincus is a PERVERT.

I consulted Dr Stephen Pincus MD about the bump on the bridge and a bulbous tip of my nose and he assured me of the results. I asked him about the time he would be free to examine my condition. The time he conveyed was not fit for my roommate whom I wanted to accompany me. He said it would be better if I come alone as the examination could go a bit longer and there is no point for someone waiting outside.

He also assured that the examination wont be hurtful, so I will not require anyone by my side. That was the beginning of the trap. Who can even dream of a doctor being total disgrace to his profession? I also trusted him with all my senses. So, the meeting was fixed for the next day afternoon.

When I reached the hospital, there weren’t much staff around. I went to the reception to confirm my arrival and I was soon called to the examination room. To my surprise, he was waiting alone. Usually, doctor prefer nurses to help them with the procedure.

Unwillingly, I asked him about fewer people around. He smiled and said that it’s lunch break and he is generally free at this time. I was satisfied by his answer. Frankly speaking, it was just a random question as I never have thought of what was going inside his filthy mind and was not even looking for an answer.

He was trying to make me feel comfortable by asking about the things I like or enjoy doing. At least that is what I thought at first. He suggested that he would be able to clear the imperfection in just one surgery. During examination, he concluded that I had a deviated septum and wanted to properly gauge the blood and nerve supply to the tip of my nose.

He made me believe in everything he was saying. Or, I should better say that I am a novice in his field of expertise and he took advantage of that. He said something about clitoral-nasal reflex and explained that he needs to put pressure directly on my clitoris to check the blood flow. If the nose tip reddens, that means the blood flow is perfectly fine.

I was confused as I had never listened of any reflex of that sort. One of my friends got the same kind of surgery done elsewhere and had never mentioned of this kind of examination. But, like most would have done, I also trusted the doctor over my inner self. After all, he is an expert in his field and I had no reason to think otherwise.

He put on his gloves and pushed on my clitoris which lasted for few seconds and confirmed that everything is all right. Later, he gave me the date for the surgery. I was swayed by his nice words and couldn’t see the beast behind that graceful face.

The surgery went well and I had no reason to complain. After two weeks, I went for a yearly routine check up to my OBGYN. He was happy to see the change in me and asked about my experience and how do I feel now. I also discussed about the clitoral-nasal reflex. To my surprise, he totally denied saying there is no reflex of that kind.

That was the first time I sensed the wrong intentions of Dr. Stephen Clitoris. The entire night, I wasn’t able to sleep and the words were echoing in my ears, “What is that? Never heard of any reflex by that name.”

I felt I have been taken for a toss and started looking out the internet. I still had the hope of Dr. Stephen’s being genuine and my OBGYN being unaware of few terms restricted to a plastic surgeon’s course book. But all my hope was soon shattered when I failed to find any prove of clitoral-nasal reflex. On the other hand, I found many other harassment reports and related article against Dr. Stephen Pincus.

I was startled but it was too late to realize my ignorance. The credit goes to Dr. Stephen who very well accomplished his intentions. He is pretty experienced in making women fool by luring them by his sweet talks. And no doubt, he knows how to do it without a pinch of error.

There are many who would still be living in the illusion but few have broken that deception and have reported for others to warn. I did my bit by reporting it here. Though I do not have any proof of what he did to me for making any legal move. But my report on this platform is an expression of anger and frustration which I do not know when will end.

Others reports also connected him to many other such personalities who have been involved in making similar moves to harm the innocence of women of America. I believe, a person of his stature, if cannot justify his profession, should be banned to carry the same.

Dr. Stephen Pincus should be banned before he defames the entire profession and other reputed doctors. He has been regularly associated with La creeper Richard Zaremba who has been accused of many such incidents. He has been scamming young girls and is capable of making fool of every other person in his contact.

He carries a lengthy track record of insulting and abusing women and his connection with Dr. Stephen Pincus is a proof that he is one of the same kind. One of his recent frauds that was put into light was about the fake shoot that he planned to get information about aspiring models.

This company on his name advertised a casting call on LA Casting (normally legitimate) for a paid swimwear modelling opportunity.  They used the name of a famous Brazilian swimwear lines to attract the models.  They put it in a way as if the swimwear line was one of their “clients” and they were holding a US casting for them and the focus was on the US models.

They called all the models at a personal residence in Venice and they made it look real by printing the Brazilian swimwear line’s logo at the top of the forms that the models filled out. The form asked about the email address, phone number and other personal details.  Modes were asked to get into their swimsuit and their pictures were taken by a very unprofessional photographer. They even interviewed the models about their personal life, hobbies, and interests.

One of the lady who went for the photo shoot started getting invitation mails for accompanying single men for social events. The mails were from the same company and hence they started looking out for more details. When they verified about the authenticity of the photo shoot, they were stunned to know that it was never planned. So basically, this Debtcraft company had no affiliation with the Brazilian company and only wanted to acquire personal information of career oriented models.

No one has got the authority to treat women the way these perverts did. I feel sorry for these goons. he is very close to this firm and behind the scene is active in its activities too. This reveals the kind of person he is.

Sometimes I feel so stupid but who could have ever imagined that someone who is so reputable and has a very good hand in plastic surgery can come out to be a total jerk. It’s life and it happens but there must be a full stop to these activities. Dr. Stephen should realize that he cannot get away with all that he is doing.

This report is focused on putting light to his hidden motives that can harm every other girl under his examination. He is not a doctor because doctors are meant to bring smiles on faces. He has made me suffer and god knows who many more have already gone through this.

Whenever, I think about the incident, I feel as if everything was planned. From the appointment time to the lie about the clitoral-nasal reflex, was a trap to take advantage of me. I do not want to be rude but what Dr. Stephen Pincus did deserves all the rudeness. I do not think I have proper words to explain how I feel. But, I am sure whosoever would have gone through this pain would be able to relate. I wish that this message reaches to every other woman planning to consult him. Even if I am able to save few, I will feel that my step of reporting the scam, succeeded.

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4 reviews on Dr Stephen Pincus

  1. Dr Stephen Pincus MD's wife exposed him in open Court

    Dr. Pincus is a PERVERT.. He is a CREEPER who tries to pick up his female patients. Find him slithering up around the bars of Beverly Hills… bragging that he is a plastic surgeon. Read his divorce file in LA Superior COURT. Mr.Stephen ex wife really told the truth about him in open court

  2. Dr. Stephen Pincus is a jerk

    I do not know where to start from because thinking about this man, dr. Stephen Pincus make me puke. He disgusted me and my girlfriend. My girlfriend asked me to accompany her for her appointment with Dr. Pincus. It was morning and the staffs were still rolling in. The queue was small and we did not have to wait longer.

    When we made it to his cabin, he asked me to wait outside as he wanted to consult with her in private. But after repeated request, he allowed me. My girlfriend wanted me to be with her while she decided about the surgery. She wanted the lip augmentation and was stressed about it.

    Dr. Stephen asked her about her job and our relationship and other personal details. At first, we thought he was trying to comfort her. Then he told that he would be calling her again for few tests and to decide the date of the surgery. He did not give a date and told that he would look into the calendar and the receptionist will contact her.

    We left and he assured that he would be calling us soon. By that time, he looked genuine and concerned. After two days, while she was in the office, she received the call and the receptionist told her that the doctor would be outstation for some time and it would be great if she could come for the examination. Mt girlfriend called me and told me that she would be going for the appointment and would let me know the results after it comes.

    I couldn’t make it because I was at my office and was busy with some meeting. She reached there and Dr. Stephen told her that he would require checking her and further will write about the blood test she needed to submit to the clinic. He tried to touch her intentionally and trust me, women know it better than anyone else.

    He knew that I was busy at that time and it would be difficult for me to make it in the afternoon and that was the reason he scheduled the same day appointment. In addition, he tried to take advantage of her. What kind of checkup he required for a lip augmentation surgery.

    He is wrecked from inside and has lots of similar allegations against him. Better if we would have known it earlier. It could save us such a torture. Anyway, we know it now and would do everything in our hand to get this bastard reported.
    He has proved that jerks can come in any shade even if that means doctors who are placed with god. He has shamed not only his profession but the entire humanity. I wish to see him in prison.

  3. Dr. Stephen Pincus Review

    Dr. Stephen Pincus molested me too and it was kind of same story that I went through. He told about few clinical terms that I wasn’t aware of and then took advantage of me. He is a kind of person that should be kept behind bars and shouldn’t be left free roaming here and there abusing innocent women.

    I would never let anyone whom I know consult him. He is everything other than a plastic surgeon.

  4. Official Response

    All these salacious, absurd accusations are totally fake. Though I do not know with absolute certainty who posted them, I have a good idea that they all originated from the same, sick person. As an Assoc Clin Professor at USC and a reviewer for the Medical Board of CA, this is totally inconsistent with who I am. Plus, if I were truly guilty of these things, why didn’t they take any legal action?!

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