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He does not have expertise to perform any kind of laser treatment

I had few moles on my chin and the nose that I wanted to get rid of. That is when I contacted Dr. Simon S. Ourian of Epione Beverly Hills where he left me with dirty red scars.

I was discussing the same with my parents when my sister suggested me to go for a laser treatment. I had also heard of such treatments and its amazing results.

I scheduled few appointments with some clinics and thought of selecting the right one after visiting them.

As per the plan, I visited all of them one by one. My sister accompanied me and she also suggested to go with Dr. Simon Ourian’s Epione.

We checked the epione reviews on the internet and he seemed genuine. People had written about his successful stories, I still curse the day of making such big mistake of trusting epione reviews online.

During the appointment with Dr. Simon Ourian at his clinic epione beverly hills, he told me how easy it was to remove the mole.

He told me that the process was very simple and I would not require much time to stay at the hospital.

He also advised me to check the pictures at the reception of clients that they have healed.

I checked those before and after pictures and found them really great. Without wasting time, I took the date for the surgery.

Dr. Simon Ourian seemed concerned about my problem and told me to come 20 mins before the surgery.

He told me that he would give me the proper direction of how to maintain the skin afterwards.

He also wrote few skin healing creams and said that those creams worked miraculously. He flaunted a lot about the clinic, their procedure and their expertise.

I was totally impressed. As advised, I reached the clinic half an hour before. Dr. Simon was busy with some meeting.

I thought, I was before time and thought of waiting for some time. He kept me waiting for an hour.

When he finally showed up, he asked me to come the next day. There was some sort of emergency at the hospital.

I heard someone cursing Dr. Simon because of something that went wrong during the surgery.

I tried to ask about it. However, Dr. Simon told me that it happens sometimes. You get few patients who do not want to accept the fact that there is always a limit to the medical science. He put all the blame on that patient.

I did not think much on that topic and reached on time the next day. I was happy to see that he was waiting for me. He assured me and told me that it is a minor thing and would take few minutes. He was confident.

But the surgery turned out to be a complete nightmare. After the moles were removed, there were red marks on the skin that are still there.

He told me that they would disappear after few weeks and it has been months and they still have not gone. The cream did not work either.

A different doctor suggested that the laser was inserted too deep. I revolted and nothing was done for my case.

Dr. Simon left me with a red scar and did not bother to treat me again.

Do not visit Epione.

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4 reviews on Dr Simon Ourian Reviews

  1. Get him pay and live fuck alone

    He was not concerned about fixing his poor work but only getting paid.

  2. Do not visit Epione Dr Simon Ourian

    Dr Simon Ourian Do not care about his patient sentiment, he more care about the money you have to pay him.

    He had done the same thing with me back in 2016 but i had no choice to recover my lost. I rather care about my face than fees I’d paid.

    Had to visit another doctor but due to fact that previous laser treatment killed my skin cells, I need to live my life with scars.

  3. I am not going to see him

    Pathetic! I won’t be visiting him now

  4. Dr Simon Ourian Reviews

    This doctor do not deserve a Penny.! shame.

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