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Dr. Solomon is not the DDS you would ever want

I was a cancer patient and had gone through a lot of radiation during the period of treatment. So, I was strict for not using the x-rays and other radiations until it was important. While going to Dr. Sid Solomon I was convinced that I would not require one as I was only there for cleaning.

I met him and told him that I only needed cleaning. He looked at my teeth and asked me to get an X-Ray which I thought was out of place request. When I asked if we could rule that out, he persisted and told that it was required. He said that the x-rays were helpful in cleaning the teeth with precision. I had never heard of that.

But, you know what, he knows how to make you do what he is asking for. So, I agreed. He tried to convince me by saying that the x-rays have least radiations and are not harmful as it sounds. Later, when things were in agreement, I asked for the cumulative charge. I was told that the entire process would charge me $400. I thought of cancelling my appointment, but then they changed the amount. They said that they could do it for $200. I do not know why they kept changing the amount. But, I was fine with $200.

I also knew that my insurance covered 70% of the cost and so was relieved. After the x-rays, I was asked to wait for an hour. I did wait but when I asked them for the report, I was told that they had misplaced the report. Are you kidding me? How does they work if they do not know how to keep things at the right place?

The guy at the x-ray room assured me that he would be finding the report in few minutes. I again waited, and they never turned out. Then, after few more minutes, I asked that guy about the report and he said that I would have to go through the x-ray once again.

I was already running late. So, without making much delays, I accepted it. We went through the x-ray and afterwards dr. Solomon did the cleaning. It was not worth it. My dentist whom I used to visit was much better and he did that without an x-ray. My bad luck that he was not in the town.

After cleaning, I was given the bill. The bill was incorrect. I was told that they won’t charge for the other x-ray, which they had. On top of that, they had deducted only 50% of the charges from insurance when we had a talk about the 70% deduction.

I asked the doctor and he said that he would be correcting the bill after the payment as they had already initiated the process. He also convinced that the refund would be made asap. I again got into their trap and paid for the amount. They asked me to check the mail tomorrow for the refund approval.

I did check it the other day and the other day and don’t know how many days. But, they never sent me any approvals. The bill that was finalized at $200, surged to $400 that they proposed earlier. So, they won. I tried to call them and follow up for the refund. But, it did not work and till date I am stuck with the extra payment that I made for a cleaning which was worthless.

Later, when I Checked with my insurance, I came to know that my two sessions of cleaning were free of charge. It was updated the last month only. I am not sure if the clinic consulted my insurance company because if they did, they would have told me about it unless they wanted to scam me.

Dr. Sid Solomon and his staffs are rude and scam you for money. They do not have morals and they only believe in making money. I am not going to recommend him to anyone, he deserves to be behind bars and should not be left out there to fraud patients. I wish I had never visited him.

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Reported Loss :400 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : dan
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