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Error on the Health Plans

Dr. Wong (as listed as the respondent here) offers her apology for not being able to see me and then states she checked her status with Brown & Toland Medical Group, etc. Any reader can check her response for him or her self.

I am a bit lost as I mentioned I was assigned by SFHP (San Francisco HealthPlan). I have done a bit of checking and SFHP and Brown & Toland are not associated as far as I can tell unless there is a contract unseen somewhere that ties them together.

Not withstanding, what is additionally puzzling is that as of the morning of 11/30/2015, I actually checked on Brown & Toland’s website and also went back to SFHP’s website and lo and behold Dr. Kong is STILL listed as an active provider, one that is accepting new patients and is a specialist in the field of Internal Medicine. Maybe by the time someone else checks on this it will have been corrected.

If Dr. Kong is indeed NOT a provider for these Medical Groups and is stating so herself, then something is amiss or needs to be corrected. To be fair, this may be an error on the Health Plans themselves or their websites need to be updated or something else if going on.

I do still have the question as to the actual specialty, as mentioned in my initial review Dr. Kong is listed as a Board Certified Internal Medicine practitioner, also as a Primary Care Physician in places such as CPMC, Chinese Community Health Association, etc. Yet her website makes no mention of this, just the stuff about aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, etc.

Her website itself also states the following, “Dr. Kong is on the active staff of California Pacific Medical Center, St. Francis Memorial Hospital and Chinese Hospital.” This might explain her listing as a CPMC provider and other associated medical groups.

I have never been seen by Dr. Kong and neither have I met her so this is not a review about her as a person, or as a Doctor and her skills abilities and patient treatment. My issue is that I was not able to access care when I needed it and it still seems there is erroneous information out there.

Dr. Kong, I appreciate your response and all, but please as a service to you and we the community around San Francisco, please have accurate information about your services listed out there so we know what to do or NOT do. Good luck to you as well !

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