Dr Shahin Javaheri, MD

Ineffective Medication

Dr Shahin Javaheri, MD participated in my mastectomy surgery by implanting a prosthetic where my breast had been removed. He turned out to be sloppy and an unconsciousness doctor more interested in moving patients in and out than doing a careful and meticulous job. While in the hospital overnight, the implant side filled up with a great amount of fluid. He saw this and released me despite the fact.

My other surgeon who had done the actual mastectomy, was very surprised when she came to my room and found I had already gone home. In less than a week, there was so much fluid build-up, that I had to return to the hospital one night for emergency surgery to have it cleaned and drained. After that, I was recovering nicely, when I noticed that one stitch had come to the surface. Since I was about to leave town, I went to Dr. Javaheri’s office to have him check it out.

He went and got a tweezer, and pulled it out. The next day, I developed a high fever and was very ill. I had developed a raging infection. There followed a few months of antibiotics, then intravenous antibiotics, none of which were effective. Finally, there was no choice but to have the implant removed. At that time, Dr. Javaheri decided to go on vacation; the doctor who was covering for him was not available to do the surgery either.

I was assigned to a doctor who had not been practicing for years while raising children and was just returning to the field. There were more complications after that, but I’ll spare you the details. By the way, while I had been under Dr. Javaher’s care, there were a number of times when I needed antibiotics. After taking one type that did not work at all, I took another which was effective. The next time I needed an antibiotic, Dr. J did not bother to check my records and gave me a prescription for the ineffective medication once again! ‘Nuf said!

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