Dr. Sean Behnam

Hair Transplant Los Angeles, Dr Sean Behnam is con doctor

Please do not waste money here with Dr. Sean Behnam. First time I went I had to pay 95 bucks for attp. Then when I first walked into the room, the doctor was rushing in sugercial outfit and said he had to rush because he was in a hair transplant surgery.

So we went in the room and Sean Behnam didn’t even check my face or anything just prescribed me doxyiclyocon- pills to take, hrydrotone (sorry for miss spelling) a bleaching cream for face, something with a C cylicone something wich was a liquid cream that had to be put on in the day, and tretonione.

ALSO he charged me another $25 bucks for those sylicic acid pads AKA Stridex pads from target for $5!  The only difference was that if had their brand on the container, I checked ingredents

First off, all of these were $50+++!  plus an additional 95 bucks to see him. I asked what to wash my face with and what i should eat and he said non of that mattered. Just to use whatever they have at the store.

So after I spent all of my money, a month passed and they wanted me to come in, so I went paid another 95 bucks just to be told to keep using the products. I had no change in my face.

I looked the same 3 months after pills and creams. I was so disappointed in this young money hungry so called doctor. I even saw him on FOX and I was so disgusted that they would have him. All he did was break my dreams, face, and wallet.

PLEASE ANYONE THAT NEEDS AND WANTS HELP WITH ACNE DO NOT GO HERE HE IS MONEY HUNGRY AND REALLY DOES NOT CARE I SPENT HUNDREDS ON DOLLARS FOR NOTHING. SERIOUS. I don’t want anyone who is willing to spend money to come here to get ripped off. Acne is a hard thing to live with and he is NOT the one to help you.

I had better results drinking apple cider vinegar then all this money for nothing!

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Santa Monica 90404 CA US
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Approved Date:April 25, 2018
Reported Loss :90 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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