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My grandmother has been going to him for about 8 years.

Recently she was in the hospital because she fell and could not get back up.

She was very week so they kept her in the hospital for a few days.

My grandfather and I have never met him before so when he came in this was our conversation.

My grandfather and I were explaining in as much detail as we could our concerns and things we have been noticing at home.

His reaction / response. A shrug of the shoulders and “Ill see what I can do” Then he walked away.

My grandmothers old doctor saw her name on the patients list so he decided to drop by to see her. (which this doctor is actually above Scheier) My grandmother had been complaining for the past 3 days that her right leg had been hurting.

Of course Scheier did nothing. When her old doctor heard about this he checked it out and ordered draining flues of her leg.

She didn’t complain again. Scheier never did a CAT scan or MRI. Especially to see if when she fell she had a minor stroke.

Take a while guess who ordered this. HER OLD DOCTOR!

She was in the hospital for 5 days and that entire time Scheier HAD DONE NOTHING! LITERALLY NOTHING.

Again, he is just there to collect a pay check. Also just to note that for the 8 years my grandma has been going to him she had complained that she did not care for him.

He was very by passive and (if you were lucky) he would give you 5 min of him time and say maybe 2 words to you.

Unfortunately she has an HMO and it was quite difficult for her to change so she just dealt with it.

Your paying to go see a doctor. You should not half to just deal with it. They should do there job right!

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3 reviews on Dr. Scheier Mark

  1. Scammer

    Today i went in for my scheduled appointment, with my Ortho Specialist, and the first thing they tell me is: “Your Doctor didn’t submit the proper codes for your visit today, you need to have him fix it.” So i call you, and you throw a temper tantrum about it,

    yell and hang up; you then call me back once you have calmed yourself down, and i merged you into the conversation I was currently holding with my insurance company, then you have another childish fit, and hang up again; this time on the insurance company Representative, whom we are speaking with.

  2. This was a bad experience.

    This was a bad experience. Doctor Scheier didn’t get back to me like he said and the pharmacist can’t even read his hand writing. The lady on the phone was rude to the pharmacist and hung up.

    I do not like how I was treated and Walgreens said they are rude. I give a zero star if I could. And the office is old and he has no modern medical equipment. He was annoyed when I asked a question then he left and didn’t even say bye just went to his office.

  3. I can only imagine what a doctor who is fine with hiring such incompetent people must be like.

    Staff were rude and I was not informed of vital information while scheduling my appointment several weeks ago which resulted in nothing but a big waste of my time. I’d suggest looking elsewhere for an office with people who actually know what they’re doing and that treat patients like humans. I can only imagine what a doctor who is fine with hiring such incompetent people must be like.

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