Dr. Robert Epstein

This Guy Is A Horrible Piece Of S***

I should have headed the warnings about Dr. Robert Epstein. I have no idea why so many people like him.

When someone wrote he needs to retire I thought it was an attitude problem, but no this guy is like 90 years old with one foot in the grave.

He cannot barely walk or hold a steady hand, let alone practice medicine or be a respectful person. Im pretty sure he’s senile.

I was looking for a new doctor because I had issues with my doctor ignoring serious illness and me ending up in the hospital twice and downright traumatized.

I went to him to get my medication Ive used to treat my pain which I do not take everyday but have as needed for 20 years and hopefully get counseling for trying to conceive and overall women’s health.

This man was so rude to me, he was nearly shouting that I lseem like a drug addict and that all he does is give out birth control only and arrange for women to have abortions.

He didnt even ask my family history whom also had the same issues.

I was so offended and appalled, he was talking to me like I was crazy for wanting a baby, like trying to force an abortion on me eventhough Im not pregnant.

He inquired about what had occurred to my health the last year, which are significant concerns and he waved his hand in my face to shut me up.

This guy is a horrible piece of s***. I hope someone files malpractice on him.

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3 reviews on Dr. Robert Epstein

  1. That single diagnosis and referral to a specialist literally saved my life

    This man saved my life, literally. After 6 years of Kaiser’s head of gynecology and my GP, plus various others I saw on an “emergency/last minute” basis not getting it right, and then a misdiagnosis that nearly shut my organs down,

    I dumped Kaiser for (a lessor evil) Anthem Blue Cross and freedom to see whomever I wanted. Kaiser ignored critical and obvious data in my test results, year after year, and I was getting worse. Because I was young, they kept saying nothing serious could be wrong with me (and then the misdiagnosis of something serious).

    When I was confirmed with the new insurance, I was able to pick a new doctor, and Dr. Epstein was a preferred provider. It took one visit and some simple tests for him to explain to me that what Kaiser was telling me was wrong was not it at all. I didn’t even believe it myself–I had been treated for a “chronic” condition at Kaiser for years.

    At the time, I had been bedridden for nearly a week, and at the end of my rope. Obviously I don’t want to post the details online (not an STD, and not cancer, but a very serious condition), but if it wasn’t for Dr. E, I’d be dead by now. That single diagnosis and referral to a specialist literally saved my life.

  2. Never Again

    Dr. Epstein, to put it frankly, is AWESOME! I have been seeing him for the past 10 years and I wouldn’t go see another. He saw my mother when she was pregnant with me, and he comes highly recommended by everyone.

    The office is welcoming and he really cares about the patient. He is always honest, candid, and frank. He gives you an unusual sense of comfort and faith in the process, and I look forward to my annual visits with him.

  3. He was extremely professional and very likeable at the same time.

    I guess I won’t be original if I just tell you how mad cool the visit was. Dr. Epstein makes an impression of a doctor that has already proved what he had to prove and right now is just really enjoying what he is doing, as well as his patient. Since the problem I got to his office with was rather a serious one, I felt very reassured thanks to his “let’s not panick yet” attitude.

    He was extremely professional and very likeable at the same time. He took his time to help me get rid of all the insecurities and doubts I may have had.
    The only reason I give him 4 and not 5 stars is because I had to wait quite a while for my pap results to get back. But then again, once they did come he explained everything to me over the phone.

Sutter Street 450
San Francisco 94108 CA US
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Reported Loss :5332 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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Is Dr. Robert Epstein a scam?
Is Dr. Robert Epstein a legit?
No, Dr. Robert Epstein is not a legit business owner or provider, you should take all precuastion/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews submitted by Dr. Robert Epstein consumers?
There are 3 numbers of reviews posted about Dr. Robert Epstein which indicate that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Dr. Robert Epstein located?
Dr. Robert Epstein is located at 450 Sutter Street, 450 Sutter St #1324, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA.
How much monetary losses inured by Dr. Robert Epstein customers?
5332 $ monetary losses inured by Dr. Robert Epstein customers.