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Things have apparently changed a lot over time

I have been considering a Breast Augmentation and possibly some body contouring, but I wanted to talk to a doctor and see what options would be best for my body. I’d been struggling a bit with medications causing some weight gain.

After talking to a friend whom had augmentation with Dr. Richard Baxter about 10 years ago and I thought I would contact this doctor as she spoke highly of him. I was hoping he would consult with me and we could collaborate and come up with a solution that would help with my body concerns.

In any case, I went to their website and submitted a request for contact. The next day I received an e-mail from their “Patient Care Coordinator” whom asked me in, essentially, her initial contact my age, weight, and height. She stated that she was interested in my BMI.

When I told her that I was slightly (3 points) over the BMI she had mentioned in her Email she was looking for she basically responded with a message saying “No thanks, Good luck!”.So … BMI is sort of arbitrary. It’s a number calculated based on weight and height. It doesn’t account for body type, bone frame, muscle, or even the overall health of the individual.

To make the call that I would be an inappropriate patient over the course of one E-mail is extreme and made me feel that they are only interested in working with a certain type of person and the BMI question was simply a way of filtering their “undesirables”. I would suggest anyone contacting this doctor’s office to be wary. Things have apparently changed a lot over time.

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