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it was not good for me to have the surgery for 6-12 months

After three opinions, Dr Rex Moulton Barrett being one of them, I decided to go with another one. Rex Moulton Barrett scared me because he forgot things, that were on my new patient paperwork, that had been in his possession for months.

That were contra indicative to having surgery, and was ready to perform the surgery and we had even gotten to the pre-op appointment, when he realized that it was not good for me to have the surgery for 6-12 months.

This not only scared me but left me not feeling comfortable or capable in his hands.I went on to seek two other opinions and was relieved to find another doctor that I felt listened and paid more attention to me and took very good care of me and was attentive during the entire process and didn’t forget about anything or look over anything but instead treated me with respect and as an individual.

A dr should always be knowledgeable about their patient and up to date on who they are before and during their visit and never forget anything about them, if so, the patient is in major danger.

You are your best advocate when it comes to your health and if you feel something is wrong, go with your gut and don’t talk yourself out of it,

even if you have to go out of your way and drive further or get several 2nd, 3rd or even a 4th opinion.It’s worth it.Also, Alameda hospital is horrible and if your surgery is scheduled there, I personally would run, not walk and wish to be operated on at a real hospital with real and up to date equipment and staff.

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  1. Rex Moulton Barrett, MD Scammer

    I keep hearing from the grapevine about Lisa’s botox parties at home. I have yet to know when these are as who doesn’t want a deal! Please let everyone in on special events like these!

    I think doing botox parties from home is a cool way to do things at hours that work better for everyone. Two of my friends have been there and they think Lisa adds more personal touches with these.

  2. I have one ruptured breast implant.

    I have one ruptured breast implant. My insurance co. told me they would cover removal of both breast implants. Dr. Moulton Barrett’s office only submitted for approval of the breast with the rupture.

    I informed them of what my insurance told me and asked them to submit for approval of the other implant in line with what my insurance said they should do. The doctor refused to submit it saying it was not within their guidelines to do so. I urged them to call my insurance as the insurance co.

    recommended they do but they refused and told me I would need to go elsewhere. I did and insurance approved the removal of both implants as they said they would. It was explained to me that some Plastic Surgeons don’t want to submit the removal of the implant that is not ruptured because insurance pays them less than when they bill the patient directly. Seems a bit unethical to me.

  3. I almost didnt write a review for my experience here as it was so bad.

    I almost didnt write a review for my experience here as it was so bad. I had an appointment scheduled about 4 weeks out as the very rude receptionist told me that was typical for a dr.’s office. Ok, well i guess I would have to wait as his reviews were good.

    I got my confirmation call from the same receptionist on a friday, no problem, but when i lost my calendar over the weekend i called monday to get the check in time. The SAME rude woman answered with such attitude and shortness saying I had already confirmed. So I am not human? i shouldnt forget? WOW.

  4. I hope my story helps to save someone else the same anxiety and turmoil.

    I wrote a positive review after the surgery hoping the surgeon would stay involved and that I was just having a slow recovering. Unfortunately what was promised as a 2 week recovery time, had been 6 weeks at that point. I was out of work for 2 months and had no idea that scheduling a surgery with Moulton-Barrett was the biggest mistake of my life. I went from having a mild lip scar (cleft lip) to literally feeling deformed with new-found difficulty eating and speaking, as well as a 2nd scar from his surgery.

    I complained during every follow up and he said to wait and tried to make me feel crazy. Now I have had multiple consultations with other surgeons who say I need a revision. In full disclosure, this isn’t my real name (out of privacy) but my story is real. I hope my story helps to save someone else the same anxiety and turmoil.

  5. Headache went away almost immediately

    I had surgery with a different doc to fix a deviated septum over 10 years ago and it was starting to deviate again. I couldn’t breathe. Dr Rex performed a new septum surgery with newer techniques to re-fix the issue. He used a flexible implant to hold up the most deviated area.

    I am soooo pleased! I can still breathe even when my allergies act up (and I just relocated to a city with a lot of ragweed)! Office visits were quick and pleasant. After care was great and his nurse called several times to check up on me.

    Only thing I would suggest is that if you get a bad headache after this surgery, don’t wait it out. Ask to come in to the office because the packing may be ready to come out or it may be deeper than you think.

    I heal fast and we had to remove mine and then realized there was more even deeper. Headache went away almost immediately (and I could breathe deeply immediately too).

  6. Thanks Dr Moulton-Barrett you fixed me!

    I recently underwent breast reconstruction under the care of Dr. Moulton-Barrett. My previous breast surgeries were complicated by scar around the implants which were very painful. I had over 6 surgeries for this problem and the breasts were tight, hard and painful.

    Dr. Moulton-Barrett decided to treat this like a low grade infection and when he replaced my implants, he wrapped them in a specially treated under skin and he implanted little antibiotic beads which disappear after 2 weeks and he admitted me to hospital for intravenous antibiotics followed by oral antibiotics for 3 weeks.

    To my amazement it worked and for the first time in years my new breasts are soft, natural looking and feel great. Thanks Dr Moulton-Barrett you fixed me!

  7. Dr. Moulton-Barrett is a very artistic and skilled plastic surgeon.

    Dr. Moulton-Barrett is a very artistic and skilled plastic surgeon. I had a tummy tuck on. I expected a great result, but my results exceeded my expectations 100 fold.

    My stomach has never been this flat, not even when I was a teenager. The pain pump is a wonderful thing. I never had any pain and was able to return back to work after a little over two weeks.

    I feel that Dr. Barrett is not only an excellent doctor, but his heart and personality are golden. He also has a wonderful staff and I always look forward to visiting with them on the day of my appointments. I have been looking at the results of many tummy tucks on RealSelf, but none have been as excellent as the results I have experienced with Dr. Barrett as my doctor.

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