Dr. Randal Haworth

Dr. Randal Haworth is a pervert and takes advantage of his patients

We went to Dr. Randal Haworth for my wife’s surgery which he suggested a few months back. When the first time we met him, he looked drunk. We thought that we misunderstood him because of the reputation he holds in the country. He told me that there would be minor changes to the nose and the face would look great with the new details.

The way he proposed, got us into his trap. My wife’s nose was a bit tilted from one side but did not look awful. It was okay and she had lived with that nose from 25 years now. So, to get that thing in the place was a big decision for her.

We consulted each other and after checking about the doctors in the city, we chose Dr. Randal for the plastic surgery. He gave us a date and asked to be 12 hour before the surgery time for all the blood tests and other check-ups.

We were looking forward to the date. We reached before time as instructed. Dr. Randal Haworth asked my wife to get in for blood pressure measure. She got with him in the check-up room. When she came out, she looked nervous. I asked her the reason and she told me that she was not sure. Maybe she misunderstood, but Dr. Randal tried to touch her intentionally.

I asked her to keep calm as this could be a misunderstanding. But, he thought that we were too weak to speak. While she went for the surgery, he sexually assaulted her while she was under the effect of anaesthesia. He penetrated sexually inside her and did it for continuously 4 hours, till the time she was unable to resist.

On top of that, he messed up completely with my wife’s face. The nose looked bad. The job he did, sucked. We tried to escalate it to the hospital authority but nothing happened. After all, he was the authority. Later, while we were trying to figure out things, we came to know from few members of the hospital that Dr. Randal drank a lot.

At many occasions, he came for the surgery after heavy booze the last night. That was the case before my wife’s surgery. He also hangs out with Russian prostitutes and some drug dealers as well.

This was the shocking news for us. I know we do not have any proof to reach out to the court. However, I would like to do whatever in my hands, to make sure he stays away from this sacred profession.

He is a pervert and should be restricted from playing with patient’s life and money. I feel, his licence should be cancelled. He does not deserve that. He is a criminal and his place is in prison. I wish soon he lands there.

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  1. There are so many victims of Randall but fear to come forward. He tried to molest my 21 year old daughter and when we confronted him, he started terrorizing us. He told us about his contacts and people he usually associates with.

    He left no choice for us but to keep our mouth shut. We wanted to escalate the issue to the hospital’s higher authority. But, he was rude and adamant and was not ready to accept the charges against him. We knew it would not make any difference.

    My daughter was so much affected that she refused to consult any other doctor and it took some time for her to trust others. He has connections with mafia. He uses his connections to terrorize people.

    We couldn’t ask police for help but I wish this post reaches as many people as possible.

  2. Dr. Randal

    I will never consult Dr. Randal if he will be the last option left. I hate him. He is a jerk and alcoholic. He should be restrained from practicing.

  3. Dr. Randal Haworth Botched

    Randal Haworth has multiple negative reviews throughout the internet, but you need to dig deep to find all of them. There are some sites where a doctor can pay and or threaten to have the negative reviews removed. Whenever a negative review for him appears on a site like Yelp, all of a sudden multiple, very long, obviously fake reviews are placed to try to bury the negative review. He hired a fancy press agent in Beverly Hills to try to build up his reputation. He is known to bully people online who leave a negative review. Almost daily, he answers multiple questions on Realself to drum up business so he can’t be that busy. He constantly promotes himself as an “artist” give me s break!!! Scary guy.

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