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Doctor Was Busy

I was far too generous on my last review. My mom had polio when she was younger so her whole life she has had this limp.

My mom still goes to Dr. Pham Hien as her primary although I had stopped years ago.

One of my mom’s legs swelled up 3 times its size out of nowhere. It made it very difficult for my mom to walk or stand.

She even woken up a few times during her sleep from the pain.

She went to Dr.Pham and she just poked it and gave her tylenol..Then it got worst.

My mom could no longer feel her foot and she was starting to lose circulation.

She once again went to Dr.Pham and she yelled at my mom.. She YELLED at my mom!

She got upset that my mom came back.. She told my mom to take all of the tylenol until her foot got better.

What, all 50 pills?! TYLENOL? My mom started to tell her how her foot got worst and that she wasn’t getting any circulation or feelings.

Dr.Pham yelled at my mom again saying that she didn’t know any better and that she (Dr) is the doctor so don’t tell her “what you feel” because “it’s not true.” My god, how is she still a doctor?

Well, my mom took all the abuse and left. She continued to listen and took the tylenol.

Then her foot swelled even more and she couldn’t get out of bed. She called Dr.Pham and her secretary/nurse kept telling my mom to “call back” because the Doctor was busy.

My mom was in bed for 3 days until the secretary/nurse finally told my mom that Dr.Pham has gone to Vietnam for 2wks and that she should wait for her.. WTF? She even told my mom to not go see another doctor and convinced her that no one would help or understand.

“That’s what the doctor said” BS, she didn’t want to lose another patient.

My mom wouldn’t listen to anyone in the house because she’s been with Dr.Pham for so long.

Finally, one of my mom’s friends stepped in to help. She called the office, then she went to check it out herself.

How is the office still running and scheduling appointments when the only doctor in the building is gone on vacation? She expected her nursecetary to cover all of her work for her? So unprofessional

My mom’s friend had enough of the place so she took my mom to see her doctor.

Turned out my mom had a clot in her foot and no shit tylenol wasn’t making it any better.

He treated my mom, listened to her, and charged her just the same as Dr.Pham. Within 2 days, her foot was fully healed. WOW.

Going to Dr.Pham only prolonged the symptoms(A WHOLE WEEK) and made things worst.

However, going to a REAL doctor, everything was fixed as soon as it could be. (2 days) If my mom’s friend didn’t step in, my mom could have lost her foot completely.

You take your pick for the next time you plan a doctor’s visit. Would you want a “doctor” to practically do nothing until you’re off to the ER or take time to consider all the negative reviews and find a real doctor? (Remember, when there’s more negatives than positives, it’s time to go)

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