Dr Patti Flint

Made an unnecessary incision during the surgery

Dr Patti Flint did a facelift on my wife. We picked her due to being a woman and being listed as a Top Doc in the Phoenix Magazine. As it turns out these are not good criteria for picking a plastic surgeon.

Dr Patti Flint’s demeanor is cold and distant. We initially took that as simply conveying a professional air. But it turns out she really is cold and distant.My wife’s pain following the surgery continued long after it should have normally gone away. It even increased.

Patti’s initial response was to assure us the pain would be gone in no longer than three months. When three months was past she suggested various massage techniques. When this failed to give any relief she then said it shouldn’t take more than two years (the time limit on filing a liability suit – coincidence?). She also implied the problem may be psychological.

Upon reviewing my wife’s records that Patti provided (we needed them for other doctors to review), we found the records “doctored” to state that my wife had complained of neck pain prior to the surgery. This is not true.

In addition to the above she made an unnecessary incision during the surgery and told us she had done a revision on an old scar – there was no old scar to revise. It continues to baffle us why she did this.

We have spent hundreds of dollars visiting others plastic surgeons, pain specialists, neurologist etc. to try to find a solution to her continued debilitating pain.

Suggestions we have received are that perhaps the problem is caused by the non-dissolvable stiches Patti used. One doctor offered to remove the stitches as they may be in contact with nerves thus causing pain. The doctor told us he never uses permanent stiches for this very reason.

My wife has been prescribed Gabapentin by a Neurologist, which seems to be relieving the pain a bit, yet now she has to deal with other side effects.

the same day Patti sent an email to my wife seeking information on her recovery. She mentioned in her email that she had read her review. What? She can’t stand a negative review? In her email to my wife she didn’t offer to help find any solution.

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  1. Patti Flint, MD Is Scammer.

    I called for a consultation. First of all, it is $200 for the consultation (first time ever in life I’ve been told a consultation is not free.) I called for Lipo and was told I had the wrong BMI. Ironic isn’t it?

    Also you should know this would have been my third consultation and the other two doctors already cleared me so I’m not sure what this one is trying to pull. Seems to me they only take certain BMI and weights etc in order to make their results look better. Don’t Bother with this one!

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Scottsdale 85258 AZ US
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Reported Loss :1500 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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