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Problem with the support staff

I’m transferring out of this practice as I write this. it is unfortunate because the doctors are really top notch. I’ve been with the practice for many years and I’ve only seemingly had a problem with the support staff. Although they do occasionally switch doctors on you for appointments, every doctor I’ve ever had has been excellent. Always professional and knowledgeable. The office equipment is extremely high tech and accurate; however, if there is one thing to say about that office is the support staff is lacking in professionalism, knowledge, and courtesy, and it has brought the entire office down.

The support staff at both offices (mainly the front desk staff) is the absolute worst and I’ve complained to the doctors several times. They spend their time texting, chatting with other staff about parties they went to or how drunk they are, or boyfriend issues. As if having to hear any of that while sitting in the waiting room wasn’t enough, they also misplace records, provide you with incorrect records (to include other patients’ information), failed to order contacts when they say they do, fail to fax or mail documents after they said they would and good luck if anyone ever answers the phone.

There are other great office / doctors who maintain an overall great support staff and environment. it’s just not worth the hassle. I Know other patients who are on their way out for the same reason. Sorry Associates in Eye Care, you’re amazing doctors and really do know your stuff. It’s a shame really. Perhaps additional training / supervision for your support staff is needed. Hire people who actually want to work.
After so many years, Disappointed.

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  1. Notis Corey, MD - Associates Eye Care Is Poor Service.

    Both my husband and I made separate appointments with Dr. Notis as he was highly recommended by a family member. I specifically asked for an appointment with Dr. Notis and was told that I would have an appointment with him. When I arrived and signed in,

    I saw on the sign in sheet that every other patient had appointments for Dr. Notis as well which seemed odd since there was no way he could be seeing multiple people at the same time. Then a completely different doctor saw me. This other doctor was an optometrist. I specifically wanted to see an ophthalmologist (MD) since I had a painful eye issue. I felt that I was just stuck with another doctor.

    Then, the exact same thing happened to my husband on a completely different day. It felt like a bait and switch situation. Neither of us ever saw the doctor we wanted to see. I would have rather the staff was just honest when making the appointment rather than leading us both on.

    If I had been told he’s not taking new patients or there is a waiting list I would have been understanding but this felt dishonest to me and honest practices with the doctor I’m seeing is important to me.

  2. I would recommend you give his office a try.

    Dr Notis understood my perspective and anticipated questions he took the time to explain why we were doing the things he recommended. Not only did he and his staff meet my expectations but they surpassed them.

    Most important he made myself and my son feel special. I would recommend you give his office a try.

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