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Wast Of Time

This clinic has gone down over the years. My children and I have been going to Dr. Peter ever since they were born, when he first started his practice, and now they’re both in their teens.

So, I don’t know what happened, perhaps got too busy? I’ve really held on for a while, considering it’s been so long, but finally decided to change doctors after one mishap after another: TRUE…wait time even with appt has been grueling (expect 1-2hours), once you get inside, probably get 5mins face time with the doctor, NO callbacks about medical results and if you call in for it, they just try to get you in to visit again – even when you want to just ask about results.

HDealbreaker for me was when I deliberately requested a particular outpatient exam, and was given something else (even when I made sure that it was what I requested).

Now I have to go back and re-do, pay another copay – waste my time. I’m done. Bye-bye Dr.

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2 reviews on Dr. Nguyen Linh Peter

  1. Scammer


  2. The office staffs were so rude and unprofessional.

    the office staffs were so rude and unprofessional. They did not go by the appointment and serve as first come first serve and also serve priority to the well known patient. I had the appointment and was waiting for almost 1 hour. A person came after me with no appointment and was seen before me.

    Dr. Peter Nguyen did not wear any gloves nor wash his hands nor use any hand sanitizer before or after examining me. His hands were on door knobs, clipboards, pens, his face, other patients, etc. all day.

    He did not have a cover for his otoscope. Again who knows where/what it has come in contact with. Other doctors always had some sort of cover over it. He pulled his otoscope from his lab coat pocket, shined it in my mouth without a tongue depressor, then placed it up my nose, then straight into my left ear. Why ONLY the left ear I don’t know. Perhaps he is so good that he is seeing through my brain into my right ears?

    I was healthy before the exam, and now I have fallen rather ill from some nasty virus most likely acquired from him and/or his office full of sick patients with no soap, water, or hand sanitizer in sight.

    One last point, I left his office feeling a bit confused, uneasy, and uncertain with his departing offer. With the little time that he had for me, he managed to asked if I wanted to make an appointment for a gynecological exam and some mammography exam with him. I said no I am not comfortable with him. I thought that he was a general doctor and feared that he is offering a service that he is not certified to perform.

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