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I’ve always had an issue with my nose, it was too bell-like and the curve really bothered me. For the last 10 years I dedicated myself to researching an exceptional Doctor who could fix my insecurity. Of all places I visited, I felt so welcomed by the staff,

they were so great to me and helped that one of the anesthesiologist knew my husband and spoke very highly of The surgeon Once I decided to follow through with him everything happened so fast. I will never forget telling him seconds before going under the knife, “Dr., I would rather my nose be smaller and pointed up than going down

“He responded with “It’s going to be perfect!” I understand from my own research that the nose takes several months to take its actual shape so I patiently waited. But 6 months after, I became concerned and addressed them all. Some very obvious, like separation between my tip and my bone.

Dr. Malek really made me feel convinced and confident in what I was asking for was attainable, reasonable and realistic but now I am left with several concerns. One of my concerns was that since surgery, my nostril hairs stick out really badly and he recommended shaving it down everyday.

After 3 different appointments and being told the same thing, that my expectations are too high and it can’t be perfect, I decided to just stop waisting my time. As of next month, I will be completing 1 year of surgery and my nose looks the same as it did 7 months ago. I know my nose looks somewhat better than before,

but I also know it’s not exactly what I wanted. Out of all the quotes I got, This doctor was the most expensive Dr. So I was under the impression I was paying a pretty penny for something that I wanted of excellent quality. I now focus on the dent between my tip and my bone,

my tip still droops and my nostrils flare up so much when I smile. My intentions are not to make him sound like a bad Dr.: I’m sure he’s amazing with the other works he has done, but I highly recommend searching for an actual nose specialist. It breaks my heart to go through this again but I will be getting a second surgery eventually but unfortunately i won’t be coming back here.

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  1. I warn anyone who wants something done other than maybe breast augmention to NOT go to this doctor!!!!

    Dr. Malek is the most condescending doctor I have ever encountered. He didn’t listen to what I actually wanted out of the facial surgery and didn’t care that the results were completely unsatisfying. There was no difference at all!

    When I questioned the results (or complete lack of), he actually told me “I never said you would look 25 again”…this is certainly not what I wanted nor did I expect to look 25 again.

    I am going to take legal action against Dr. Malek and try to recoup at least some of the thousands of dollars I wasted on his surgery (which also, by the way, left partial numbness on the right side of my face).

    I warn anyone who wants something done other than maybe breast augmention to NOT go to this doctor!!!!

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