Dr. Man-Kit Leung

The Worst Experiences

By far the worst experience I’ve ever had at a Dr. Man-Kit Leung’s office.

There’s a reason this physician had zero wait time and many available appointments.

My expectations were a lot higher from a Harvard graduate MD.

Lets start with the office itself, in the middle of China Town SF and I was literally afraid walking through the hallways to get to his office.

The plaster was falling of everywhere and construction happening next door.

It truly makes me wonder if the office meets the health code safety.

It doesn’t look like a medical building or meet hygienic or esthetic standards one would expect of a medical office.

I went right in, which was great. As a new patient , no one took my temperature or weight ( just blood pressure) .

And the physician had absolutely no diagnosis and wanted to put me on very strong and ridiculously expensive medication when he was not even sure if it would solve the problem.

I ultimately ended up diagnosing myself by taking guesses and he said ” Yeah, it could be that”.

I felt like he had no idea what he was doing and just shooting in the dark with hopes that he would get lucky and solve my illness.

Never going back and have a really high co-pay as well so it was really a lose, lose for me.

I actually went online to his license to make sure he’s a real doctor afterwards.

He has one but really makes me wonder how he’s managed to keep up a business at such a low standard

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2 reviews on Dr. Man-Kit Leung

  1. I highly recommend this doctor.

    I had a plugged ear issue for a few weeks, and today I met Dr. Man-Kit Leung. He is very nice, professional, respectful, and careful. He looked at my ears, and knew right away what is happening,

    and suggested to apply some cleaning procedures. In 15 min I was feeling great again! So fast and helpful. No waiting time, no extra appointments. I highly recommend this doctor.

  2. As for how to deal with the inflammation inside the sinus, no one was able or cared to give an answer.

    I highly recommend Dr. Leung to every patient in his profession. This is not only because of the good office environment, but also and most importantly, Dr. Leung’s excellent medical skill and kind and passionate attitude towards patients.

    I had had a chronic severe sinus for 13 years before. I had seen all the “specialists” within my medical insurance network. However, no one provided an effective treatment. Worse of all, these specialists did not like to listen to or believe what the patient said or how the patient felt, but only stuck to what they had learned from the books.

    Most of them said the only thing they could and would do was to widen the passage in the nose for the contaminated discharge. As for how to deal with the inflammation inside the sinus, no one was able or cared to give an answer.

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