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If there is anything, I would like to change in my life then it would be the day I decided to go with Dr. Lyle Back for my breast augmentation. I was planning to do it since a long time and did a lot of research before deciding to go for it. I wish, I had researched about this fake plastic surgeon as well. I was looking for the surgery sooner so that I did not lose my confidence. So, I went with the first name that I checked on the internet without going into detailed reviews.

The breast augmentation was done a year and half back. I am writing this now because it took me so many months to understand the problem and to find the solution for the same. Right after the surgery, I noticed two bubbles. These were exactly where the implants fall below the breasts and looked like as if one bubble was placed on the other.

I did try to ignore it for few months thinking that it would go away. I did meet dr. Back in between for followups and he never seemed to complain about those bubbles. I checked with him once and he said it was alright. It did not seem that way to me. So, I tried to search for it on the internet. I tried to accumulate as much information as I can. After 8 months trying to figure out what was happening to me, I reached out to dr. Back. He seemed offended.

He said that there was nothing wrong with the surgery and I had gained weight which much have done something unusual. If that was the case, he should have warned me earlier. And, as a matter of fact, I had not gained any inch. Hence, I decided to consult other doctors for better understanding of the situation this man put me through.

I met two doctors. Both these doctors have the same thing to say. They told me that the problem was because of the surgery and that it was not done correctly. After consulting these two doctors, I visited dr. Back and he agreed that the problem was worse and was caused because of the surgery. However, he was still trying to put the blame on me by making my weight an issue.

He said that the correction surgery would cost a lot and I won’t be able to pay for that. I had already paid him $13000 for the first surgery and the problem I was into, was his mistake. Hence, it was his responsibility to correct the bubbles without any charge. However, he was adamant for not doing the correction surgery for free. He also said that the surgery was done more than a year back. Hence, the surgery won’t be considered as correction surgery.

So, it was his part of plan. At first, he denied about the problem in the first place and made me wait for so long until I discovered everything myself. Then, he refused to make the correction free of cost. Dr. Lyle M Back is a scammer. Stay away from him.

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4 reviews on Dr. Lyle Back

  1. I am writing this review to warn anyone who is considering going under the knife of Dr. Back

    I am writing this review to warn anyone who is considering going under the knife of Dr. Back. I hope you don’t have to deal with what I dealt with. I had a breast augmentation about a year and 5 months ago.

    Immediately after my surgery I noticed a double bubble (where the implant falls below the breast and droops, giving the effect of one bubble placed on top of another).

    After doing some research on my own (and about 8 months after my surgery) — I decided to go back to Dr. Back and see what was happening. He said there was nothing wrong and seemed offended that I would criticize his work. For me, visibly see there was something wrong.

    So, I went to 2 other doctors for a 2nd & 3rd option & they both agreed without question that what happened to me was a true double bubble caused by the way the implant was placed during surgery.

  2. I love Lyle Back!

    I love Lyle Back!!! I first went to Dr. Back for Botox and fillers and he was kind, gentle, honest and compassionate and definitely put me at ease. I wanted breast implants but Dr. Back advised I would need to have a breast lift first. Results were unbelievable. I waited 3 months and then got implants…again unbelievable. No one can believe they are implants.

    I then recently had liposuction and again results are amazing!!! There was minimal discomfort with all of these procedures. Dr. Back is the most caring doctor I have ever been to and is wonderful with his bedside manner and follow up. The staff is also great…very caring and pleasant.

    I am still going for Botox and recently had a facial and microdermabrasion by Donna…was the most relaxing experience of my life and my skin looks great. I can’t say enough about Dr. Back and his staff. Thank you again!!!

  3. Bad Doctor

    I had the “works” by Dr Back two years ago and I’m certainly qualified to relay my horrible experience with Dr Back- He is truly the worst doctor I have ever been to! After undergoing a face lift, eye lift and fat transfer (the latter two I was “talked into” by Dr B) I had horrid permanent scarring. Dr Back’s unprofessional and rude bedside manner might have been forgiven if only my result was better but that was not the case.

    After multiple unhelpful visits to Dr Back, I went to a University of Penn trained plastic surgeon for an opinion about my obvious “baseball stitch scarring” and he was also appalled, as was my hairdresser, and my Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon who all agreed they had never seen such terrible “work” Please, Dr Back advertises and runs a factory and pressures patients but does not have the proper skill or abilitiesAllan,

    I understand what you want from me, but I can’t be so devoted to you but have no connection other than texts that are so few and far between . Please, go somewhere else.

  4. I would strongly recommend Dr. Back to anyone who is considering plastic surgery because he is honestly the best in his field.

    Where to begin….let me start by saying Dr Back is an exceptional plastic surgeon as well as a wonderful person. I had breast reduction surgery very recently & his bedside manner & warm disposition made me feel comfortable & at ease through the entire process. I am naturally a nervous person to begin with, but his patience & understanding made it very easy for me to relax. I am so happy & now know that I made the right decision in choosing him to do my surgery.

    I’m still in the healing process (post two weeks) but I’m already loving the results & very happy how my breasts look now! His office staff along with the surgery center staff have been nothing but kind & curteous too. I would strongly recommend Dr. Back to anyone who is considering plastic surgery because he is honestly the best in his field.

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Severity of Scam :Extremely High
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