Dr. Lucia Tuffanelli

Dr. Lucia Tuffanelli To Be Abrupt And Rude

Much like the other reviews I found Dr. Lucia Tuffanelli to be abrupt and rude.

I waited over an hour to be talked down to and to have eyes rolled over legitimate concerns.

She removed a mole, which left a large scar.

I’ve had many moles shaved in the past and her lack of care and precision during the procedure was astonishing, but according to her noone will really see the scar anyways…

The staff are a disaster area as well. Was double billed after my insurance covered the visit.

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7 reviews on Dr. Lucia Tuffanelli

  1. VERY unprofessional

    This PHYSICIAN (not her practice) gets a 1 star because she is VERY unprofessional, here is why: – dismissed all my concerns. Told me my lesion was either “nothing or melanoma” but she did not feel that a biopsy was needed. “Come back in 6 months.” “Of course, you are very dark.” These are some of her ungracious remarks.


    I was referred here by my doctor and my first visit wasn’t that bad although I did have to wait 30 minutes before I was attended to by the doctor. They told me to come back for a followup appointment that THEY scheduled, yet when I came back I still had to pay the $10 co-payment.

    On my second visit, my appointment was at 2:30 and I showed up and signed in at 2:15 so I expected to wait 15 minutes. 45 minutes later it was 3 and I was STILL waiting for my named to be called as I watched people who showed up after me still get attended to first and I’d had it. I walked over to the receptionist and told her I had been waiting here for 45 minutes and was ready to leave and that I would like my $10 back.

    All of a sudden, “oh the doctor will see you now” so then I was led to the doctor’s office and they told me the doctor will be with you a in a sec. I waited 5 more minutes in there and I was like I’m done with this and started to walk out and as soon as I walked out the doctor came rushing in and she put on what seemed to be a very fake smile and was like so what do we have here?

    I pointed out the spot on my finger where they had previously froze off a wart and she felt it and was like “yup, that’s gone” and again she flashed that fake smile and I said that’s it? and she’s like “yup, you don’t ever have to come back again”…I didn’t say thanks or anything and walked out because I was so angry. I literally waited there for nearly an hour so she could tell me what I already knew! DO NOT GO TO THIS DERMATOLOGIST!

  3. I really don't think Dr. Lucia Tuffanelli deserves any stars

    I really don’t think Dr. Lucia Tuffanelli deserves any stars… My experience was like a Seinfeld episode without the laugh track. I will never go back to this office.

    On my first (and only) visit I waited over an hour to be seen by the doctor, oh… because she had booked a surgery at the same time as my appointment.

    The patient exam room where I waited was small and DIRTY. I’m actually surprised at how many doctor’s offices are not clean

    She didn’t read the patient notes and started asking me random questions as she was examining me – interrupting the exam.

  4. There are better dermatologists out there.

    Grim, Strange Place. Very. Sort of reminds me of the kind of “socialized” healthcare Republicans are always warning us about: endless waits, perfunctory exams and questionable quality.

    My business was somewhat routine, just a mole check. But whoa – Dr. Lucia Tuffanelli just glanced at it and shrugged. I guess that meant it was nothing. I guess. There are better dermatologists out there.

  5. I'm going to search yelp for another dermatologist right now...

    I’ve had a small skin problem that just got worse after I gave birth. My PCP recommended Lucia Tufaneli. In my appt, she was very gruff and said that my problem didn’t look that bad. But since I had come in the office, she would prescribe me some topical exfoliator and told me to come back. One month later,

    I came with the same skin problem and she prescribed me a topical steriod. I still have the same skin problem… Upon reading other reviewers, I can’t help but wonder if there is a simple solution to my problem but the treatment is being drawn out… Anyway, the staff were some of the rudest people I’ve ever encountered. I’m going to search yelp for another dermatologist right now…

  6. This place is quite a scene.

    This place is quite a scene. I’ve walked in to see over 20 people in the waiting room, many standing because they’ve run out of chairs. I have also waited over an hour to see Lucia (who has a cold demeanor, but actually seems like an interesting person) for less than five minutes.

    I’ve complained, and they’ve told me the long waits are the patients’ fault! If you make a very early appointment, like 8am, it is much better. The place is also rather dingy, and the receptionists can be mean because so many people complain to them. They are nice, though, if you are nice to them.

    My acne has barely improved, despite numerous visits. Basically, Lucia prescribes some expensive new medication (which is never covered by my insurance because it’s new), and it does basically nothing.

    She seems to use a dartboard approach to choosing medicines, but maybe all dermatologists do this (?). I’ve always heard that acne is a treatable condition these days, and there’s no reason to suffer from it, but you wouldn’t know it by being a patient at this joint.

  7. Bad Service

    My experience was about the same as others who review them. Long waits for appointments that last 5 minutes.

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