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Dr. Koray graft surgery is overstated

I would like to discuss the experience I had during my 3600 graft fue session with dr. Koray. Being from Australia, I had very few knowledges about dr Koray Erdogan results. All I knew was that the Dr Koray Erdogan cost for HT was a lot less from the UK and the USA. Hence, I started researching about the clinic and its reviews.

There are lots of Dr Koray Erdogan forums which are filled with great stories. I was nervous at the first go, but then I consulted the Sevinc who was my patient coordinator. He was great at communication and send me all the details over email. He got me my hotel bookings and the cab booking.

The Visa took a day or so. I was charged a total of 10,000 Euros for all the services included. I though it to be a great option. But, this is not what I got. Whatever I was promised was only on email. The actual service was very different.

After I reached Istanbul taking a long hour flight that ended at 5:30 PM in the evening while started at 2:30 AM from my place. I was told that the car would be waiting for me outside the airport. But, no one showed up. I tried to call Sevinc and the number was busy. So, I decided to take a cab to the hotel which was mentioned in the email.

It took me a lot of time to explain the driver about the hotel. He dropped me at the hotel and I was charged for the trip. This was an extra expense as my package included the cab charges. I tried to check in, but the receptionist said that I was not booked. I showed them the email and they consulted Sevinc. After waiting for two hours, I was given a room and they charged me for the dinner. This was again an extra expense as my package included breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The next day, I got hold of Sevinc and he sent the cab to my hotel. A relief after a bad day. I reached the clinic and met the doctor. After consulting the doctor, Sevinc took me to the room where my blood was tested, and ECG was done. So far, it was fine. Although, the place looked disorganized, I wanted my hair to look good and was not worried about how great the place looked.

I was taken to Dr. Koray Erdogan’s room and he marked the preliminary hairline. I wasn’t satisfied by that design and asked it that could change a little bit. He insisted on that design and I did what he suggested. After all, he was the expert in that field.

The next day, I was given a time to reach at the clinic. My cab was late as usual, and I had to hire one for myself. They had an area just outside the surgery room where the shoes were taken off. Dr. Koray was leading me and he did not bother to open his shoes, neither asked me to open mine. It was unhygienic.

First procedure was extraction from the donor area. It was hurtful, and they did not answer in the middle of the procedure. I had few questions, but I was asked to keep mum. It was lunch hour when they left and asked me to wait for the incision.

I was not given proper direction and if I could go out for lunch. I sat there starving and watching TV which was in Turkish. After lunch, the incision stared for the graft area. It took more hours as expected. It was painful too. The anaesthetics used did not help much. But, the procedure was done, and I was given some medication for pain after the surgery as well.

The next day, I was given shampoo bottle and conditioner. That’s it. I was given no directions. They did provide me some papers with instructions, but it was again not in English. It was not the way they should have treated me. I felt as if I was not given the proper attention. The results were also not great.

The hairline that they did, was bad and did not suit my face. But, it is done.

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  1. Answer

    This post is quite puzzling and highly inaccurate in many aspects. However, of primary importance is the fact that I have never operated on a patient with the profile of an Australian with 3600 grafts.

    Secondly, the fee of 10,000 Euros for the procedure does correspond to the fee normally charged for 3600 grafts. Thirdly, there are additional inaccuracies in this post such as the reference to Sevinc, the patient coordinator, as “he” when in fact Sevinc is a woman, and also the fact that state controlled sanitary standards must be and are adhered to at all times and without exception in a medical facility such as ASMED. All surgical rooms are sterile and equipped with hepafilters per government requirements so there is no way anyone could pass into the surgical area with street shoes. Hairline designs are standardly established in one-to-one consultation with the patient according to the patient’s desires and within the scope of possibility for positive outcomes given the patient’s condition and donor capacity.

    The ASMED Surgical Medical Center and our team of doctors and surgical assistants as well as patient coordinators fluent in multiple languages prides itself on accuracy, precision, artistry, patient care and patient support. No patient would ever be left stranded at the airport nor would they be left without confirmed accommodations in a bed and breakfast arrangement in or close to the medical center. A 24-hour phone service system provides patients with care and assistance any time of the day or night. The fleet of dedicated vehicles and drivers and special hotel arrangements guarantee this level of service to all patients and absolutely no patient leaves the clinic without explicit post-surgical care instructions in their native language and continued contact with their patient coordinator.

    Given our standards of operation and patient care, these comments seem to have no basis. However for the sake of further clarification I welcome direct correspondence with ASMED via our published email address or by phone.

    Koran Erdogan, M.D.

  2. False review

    As a patient of ASMED the above sounds like a false review. Not only they give instructions in English, they add a video of post-op care on a USB flash drive. In addition, there are no cabs. They have their own transportation vehicles with their own drivers. Not only they were on time for my arrival, they were always waiting for me. Lastly, I had pain here and there during my operation, and my requests were always heard by giving me more injections or other medications through an IV. It also doesn’t make sense in terms of graft number since they don’t do more than 3000 grafts/day.

  3. Fake review

    I have been operated by Asmed twice (2007 and 2016). I can clearly tell this is a fake review containing some more specific (fake) information related to the clinic to make it sound more realistic. By my side, i am very satisfied by my result and any aspect concerning the operation and the service as whole. 10/10

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