Dr. Komshian Shahe

No Bed Side Manner

Stay away from Dr. Komshian Shahe. Worthless, no bed side manner, completely impersonal, and just another patient to him.

Was with the asshole for over 7 years, and he barely knew my name.

He would constantly make up reasons to get me to come back in to see him earlier than necessary simply to get more money.

His nurse and stuff give him wrong info due to being lazy or incompetent that he simply goes with without checking.

Many times these idiots told him something i said that i didn’t and he made decisons based on that.

Many many times he would hold my prescription up and deny refills i was scheduled for during the year as a way to get me to come back in a see him…$$$ I’m a college graduate, and articulant, but when talked to by him he always talked down to me for years until finally i said something and it stopped.

I left this crackpot a couple months ago, and my wife found a doc in Los Gatos that’s wonderful.

We had a meet and greet appointment, and the way he thinks as far as wanting to spare you any undo expense, bedside matter is awesome, great personality, made notes of every detail including questions about the family and kids no doubt as part of him knowing his patients.

Have his email so i could email him directly. I left there happy. Who leaves the doctors really in a good mood? Even if you have a good visit, most of the time you’re just happy its over.

I actually left happy and excited to go back for my first appointment. Many drs.

Have and are jumping ship from the medical group Komshian is a part of. Read up on it.

They’ve lost so many patients and I’m glad I’m now one of those who left.

Sorry i won’t say who I’m seeing now, incase Komshian reads this which i hope he does because i want him to know how i feel.

He’ll know who by my story. Feel sorry for those still going to this guy.

Even when i saw his name pop up on my phone screen my first thought was what bullshit now?

Best thing i ever did was leaving Komshian. I am soooooooo much happier.

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Samaritan Drive 2585
San Jose 95124 CA US
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