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If you plan on coming here, GET A SECOND OPINION! I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Judy Ng because I was pretty desperate to be seen asap because I had had enough with my skin issues — acne, hyperpigmentation, etc.

The best derms in the city are booked many weeks out. Dr. Ng was not, so I booked with her.

I also thought that because she was a fellow Asian, I could trust her opinion about my skin type.

First, yes, she speaks VERY fast. She also assesses you after only looking at you for a good 30-60 seconds.

She immediately recommended that I get on Accutane in a matter-of-fact voice.

Thankfully, my fiance expressed his concerns and convinced me not to do it because he understood the repercussions of such a painful treatment. (For example, pregnancy issues and long-term skin disorders. Please research this if you’re thinking about getting on Accutane.)

He also pointed out that dermatologists often earn the most by prescribing expensive treatments like Accutane.

Fast forward a few months later, after cleaning up my diet and working with an esthetician who, herself had tried Accutane and did not recommend it, my skin has cleared up and is nearly rid of hyperpigmentation and acne.

More recently, my friends have commented that my skin is glowing, and I credit that to a lifestyle change, as well as diet and using non-comedogenic products. (Nothing new here, people!)

I also went to another derm (Union Square Dermatology) this past year for a DIFFERENT reason (to check out a cyst) before my skin fully cleared up, and she also did not recommend that I get on Accutane.

She disagreed with Dr. Ng’s assessment and said that Accutane was for patients with much more severe skin issues (with severe acne scarring, which I have never had).

The only thing I’ll credit Dr. Ng for is that she correctly pointed out that I had eczema.

However, I definitely question her ethics for trying to prescribe something unnecessarily just to make some more $$.

It’s really a shame that people like Dr. Ng are in practice.

As someone who is more on the naive side, had it not been for my fiance, I would have signed up for something that would have cost me thousands and months of stressful treatment that may not have helped and would have caused long-term damage on my body and skin.

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4 reviews on Dr. Judy Ng

  1. You charge my health insurance i pay but not provide appropriate service.

    I was in the office 20 mins earlier than my appointment. Later, a lady came in an told the receptionist she had an appt 15 mins after mine. Then everyone in the room were called in, but except me, so i asked why. The receptionist told me that the schedule was managed by the doctor but not her.

    I remember last time when i made the appt at the counter and confirm everything with her. I asked her whether she could go and ask the doctor. She returned and said that the doctor was seeing a patient. A patient, that one 15 mins after me.

    What was wrong? Finally, it was my turn 30 mins after my appt. When i asked the doctor about my delay, she gave me three different ridiculous answers after i refuted each one: 1, the receptionist made two appts at the same time ( I found that there were no); 2, she thought she would have longer conversation with me than the next one, so she saw the second first and put my file next.

    If so why did i need to make the appt in advance? and why no one told me about this while i was waiting? 3, she said she is busy around 4 p.m. and i should come to see her after lunch time. Oh! My God, she has her own schedule, and I also have my own.

    The most important thing is that i didn’t just walk in without appt, i made it 2 weeks’ ago. If you can’t see me, just don’t make open for that period. I took a long trip from East Bay and paid my co-pay, my monthly health care and i was also sick. What kind of service i got!!!! You charge my health insurance i pay but not provide appropriate service.

  2. This doctor is dreadful.

    This doctor is dreadful. I went to see her with a longstanding problem and she did not listen to a word I said, but in fact cut me off to tell me what it was. She added that it is “typical for people in their 60’s”.

    (I am quite a bit younger than that.). When I asked her about the other problem she repeated the same comment, even though I pointed about that the problem appeared in my early 30’s. Finally, not only did she insult me twice and refuse to listen, her diagnosis was wrong.

  3. Extremely rude. Poor "bedside manners.

    Extremely rude. Poor “bedside manners.” From the initial phone call to set up the appointment until I left the office after the visit, I felt like I was in some free clinic in a Third World country.

    The staff and doctor were extremely rude. Dr. Ng needs to take some classes on how to interact with her patients. I know its hard to get an appointment with a dermatologist, especially on short notice, but take my advice – keep looking around and wait a few weeks for another doctor.

  4. Brilliant medical dermatologist.

    Brilliant medical dermatologist. Honest, knowledgeable, effective.

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