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If I can choose negative stars that would be great. So let’s break down what could be considered an experience from hell with Dr. Joy Meng.

I had been experiencing extreme vertigo and had seen many doctors, and finally found a primary doctor who was taking me seriously and was concerned and sent me to a neurologist.

I had no problems making the initial appointment.

I speak Cantonese, so the receptionist was helpful and easily fit me in. Fine, great.

I go to that first appointment. I go in to see Dr. Meng (aka Dr. Meh in my book) and she flat out doesn’t hear me out that I want an MRI to rule out brain causes.

And I mentioned I read about people taking diuretics to help with vertigo and ear issues.

She said, “Oh no, I’m not a fan of prescribing medication that isn’t 100% effective.”

But then she says what she can do is schedule me for a VNG test to test out the balance of my inner ear and then we can go from there.

I agree to it, and she says it’ll take 2 weeks for the insurance to do a pre-approval.

Great, I scheduled for the test 2 weeks later.

Day before the test I get a vertigo attack. Normally I’d take some medication, lie down and it’ll go away.

But the paperwork Dr. Meh gave me said I can’t take any anti-vert meds 24 hours before the test.

I stick it out. Within the hour I’m writhing and sobbing so I had my sister call the office to see if they could tell me what alternative thing I can do.

The bitch gets on the phone and says “Oh, even though we got the pre-approval from insurance for you, we can’t do the test.

Because in the past, we had patients who have your insurance and was also pre-approved, but we ended up not getting paid.

So we’re not going to perform the test on you. It’s cancelled” BITCH, HOW YOU GONNA WAIT FOR THE DAY BEFORE TO TELL ME THIS SHIT? So I swallow 2 pills.

Come down from the vertigo. Called up my insurance.

Insurance was flabberghasted that a doctor could say such a thing, that a doctor can hold a prior patient’s insurance problems against me.


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