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Dr. Jose has no ethics and his diet plans are worst

I started the diet plan suggested by Dr. Jose Axe. I selected keto diet plan and paid him $180. I was looking forward to the change and the diet claimed that I would be able to see the change from the first week itself. I ordered for a month and decided to renew the plan if there was any change.

So, the first week, I felt weak and wanted to eat more. The plan said that I would feel full after every meal and the meals would keep my stomach busy for quite a number of hours. However, that was not the case. I restricted myself badly from eating anything outside the diet plan. I was having headaches and the gases were fighting in my stomach.

Cut the entire story short, I was very badly hungry between meals suggested in the diet plan. The recipes weren’t tasty. I was not liking them at all. Not even one recipe was tasty. I was really frustrated the first week itself. When I weighed my weight after a week, I found out that I had gained 2 lbs. That was a bad. I connected through facebook and never got a reply. I was still very optimistic about the diet plan and I did not quit so easily.

After a week, I also ordered few of the essential oils from the website and never asked for them to repeat the order. I was again looking for few more things that could help me feel better. After reading the benefits of essential oils on the website, I ordered them. I had no idea if they would work or not.

I followed the diet plan strictly and used a healthy lifestyle and did yoga. I was working to find the best results. However, after three weeks, I realized that I had again gained few more pounds. I was worried and wanted to ask many questions from these guys. However, Dr. Axe never replied. I stopped following the diet plan and stopped using the products as well.

After a month, I was auto billed for the keto diet plan as well as the products I ordered before. I requested to refund my money and still no reply. Dr. Axe is the most unethical man I have ever dealt with. I am sure he knows nothing about his profession and his skills are worthless. I checked his reviews on the internet and found some of the shocking feedbacks which if I would have checked before, I would have never ordered from this website.

This doctor is not what he says. He is a scammer. He looks for vulnerable people and take away their money in exchange of worse stuff that won’t ever work. I am very disappointed in him and would never ever order from him. This doctor is useless and his tips are worthless.

Do not order from him. He is a cheater. Not a doctor.

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Reported Loss :180 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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