Dr John J Corey

Dr John J Corey joked about the smell in my nose

Ah, Dr. Corey. He’s like that one guy you dated back in college, who’s so charming and says everything you ever wanted to hear, just when you need to hear it. You know, the 6’2 tall one with those killer blue eyes and dark hair…

I was referred to Dr. Corey years ago. Being much younger, and before the internets exploded with sites like Dirty Scam in which females inform each other of awful boob jobs and such. I trusted the friend that referred me & didn’t do much of my own research.

I first got breast implants, which were initially great, so I got a rhinoplasty. The office was great, and I got a discount for paying cash. Fast forward 1.5 years and my breasts were very noticeably lopsided, the left one much larger than the right one, or vice-versa.

Also, my side boob was very noticeably wrinkly. My nose had an AWFUL odor that would. Not. Go. Away.Dr. Corey said it was normal that my implants did that, “they all do that after a year or two”. He joked about the smell in my nose and referred me to a specialist (his friend), who said everything was fine with my nose and instructed me to just, “wait”.

I did my own research and had my breast implants redone by a different doctor. It has been 4 years now and my implants are still even, with no wrinkly side boob.I went back to Dr. Corey, informing him that the smell turned out to be caused by a deviated septum which was a result of his subpar work.

He was unapologetic and went on to name the, “best surgeon in the country” who had to preform a rhinoplasty 3 or 4 times on his own daughter to get it right. Also, that that’s the reason he (Dr. Corey) no longer performs rhinoplasties.

So ladies, this is the part where you you find out that that dream guy in college has been dating you and every other girl…all those things he said? Lies. It’s everything you ever wanted but it’s simply elusive,

so I recommend learning from my lesson and going with the quieter, not so charming doctor because he probably gets better grades and is therefore a better surgeon. Also, he most likely doesn’t need to have his wife write positive Dirty Scam reviews on his business page. Boom, you’re welcome.

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4 reviews on Dr John J Corey

  1. John J Corey, MD - Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Scam.

    I can’t express enough how disappointed I am about the boobs scars I have !,, do don’t ever want to see this doctor again worst. He made hernia in my stomach from tummy tuck he will will not fix. Scars that look like a monster. I’m so pissed.

  2. Dr.Corey was absolutely amazing!

    Dr.Corey was absolutely amazing! I got a breast augmentation about 2 months ago and i could not be happier. The healing time was fast and the results are unreal! His staff was incredible too!

    I loved that i got his nurses number so if i had any questions i was able to text her personally and got answers instantly, that made me feel very comforable. Could not say enough good things to thank Dr. Corey and his office!!

  3. Dr. is such a good looking guy!

    I had the good fortune of meeting and consulting with Dr. Corey and his staff for the purpose of some reconstructive surgery. I had a number of complications due to prior procedures. After discussing my options with Dr. Corey, I elected to have a lift performed and my implants removed.

    Dr. Corey and his team exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with the results. My visits to the office have been very pleasurable. The staff is very friendly and eager to help.

  4. Thank you soooo much for giving me the perky firm breasts I've always wanted!!

    There is a reason this surgeon has such great reviews!! I’m rarely compelled to review a business, but I’m so glad I came here!

    People always tell me that I could have gotten my procedure a little cheaper somewhere else, however, the extra was definitely worth it for someone I felt good about, and didn’t have to worry about paying for revisions later. He’s very no nonsense, doesn’t waste time, but gives you all the information you need and shares his opinions.

    I just had my 6 month post op appointment today for my breast lift with implants, and Dr. Corey’s nurse Angela, was awesome, during my check up, she even inquired about a completely unrelated personal goal I had mentioned 3 months prior. Not sure if it was noted in my chart, but I love the little personal touches!

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