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My grandfather has been a loyal patient of the previous doctor who owned this clinic (his name is not coming to my mind at the moment) for over 15 years.

I believe Dr. JoAnn Nguyen has now taken over.

I’m not sure what kind of doctor thinks it’s okay to measure blood pressure while the patient is still wearing his coat.

Absurd. I’ve always been told to “roll my shirt up” or “take my coat off”.

I think anyone without a medical degree should know this.

My grandfather even told her that he needs to take his coat off and she said that it was “okay if he didn’t”.

This simple action alone says a lot about Dr. Nguyen and for that reason, I would NOT recommend her.

I highly suggest looking for another doctor if you or your relatives plan on coming here.

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  1. So it seems we will have to see what the COURT will say unless you want to make it right.

    I took my daughter in for flu symptoms. Explained very carefully in detail what was going on and after a quick exam this HACK says to go home and take Advil. My daughter needed medication not Advil. A simple nose swab test would have shown that but you didn’t want to do it.

    I even asked for it!! So I had to leave and go straight to the ER where within 5 minutes they swabbed her and came back with Influenza A,B. The ER prescribed the correct medication NOT ADVILL you MORON DR JOANNA. So I should have had this correctly done at her office but the HACK of a DR didn’t do her job!!!!

    That would have only cost me $40 plus a prescription fee. All under $75 total. But since this POS Joanna didn’t want to do her job and basically forced us to go to the ER now my bill is $1400 for my part. Do you really feel you did a good job for us.

    Your a joke of a DR and your office staff is beyond childish and unprofessional. Lets say a car repair shop evaluated and miss diagnosed your car and you incurred costs as a result of that wouldn’t you feel they should be responsible?

    And I have a bill for a RAPID throat culture but didn’t get results for 7 days. That’s not really RAPID then is it? So it seems we will have to see what the COURT will say unless you want to make it right.

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