Dr. Hoyman Hong

Being Very Nasty

Dr. Hoyman Hong seemed like he was great, in the beginning. I went to see him for severe sciatic pain, piriformis pain, and bulging discs, upon the recommendation of my orthopedist.

Now I think that he just doesn’t care about his patients.

The first thing he did was write a ton of prescriptions, which I wasn’t excited about, and didn’t end up taking – all they do is mask the pain vs. fix the problem.

I had two cortisone injections (done by Dr. Hong) which didn’t work and an in office local injections into my piriformis, which was extremely painful, over a period of a couple of months.

He continued to have me come into the office every couple of weeks, and I wasn’t getting any better.

After the injections failed to work, Dr. Hong suggested that I have some ART done, which I did, but it also failed to work.

At this point, and getting desperate, I felt like I needed to take some things into my own hands. I tried rolfing, traction and continued going to my chiropractor.

I called Dr. Hong’s office after a few weeks to talk to him about my care. After 3 messages, and the last one being very nasty, he finally returned my phone call.

We spoke about getting extra benefits for traction to be done by a physical therapist.

He said he needed to write a letter, and that he would email me. It’s been a month…I have called and emailed, and I STILL don’t have the letter.

I finally sent a nasty email letting him know my thoughts, and got no response.

For a pain management doctor, he certainly doesn’t care that his patients are in pain.

I wouldn’t see him again and definitely DON’T recommend him to anyone.

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5 reviews on Dr. Hoyman Hong

  1. I have such low expectations from an industry in his country that's meant to be top notch.

    The Dr. is probably great if you can get past the absolute ineffective and inefficiency of the staff. My referral from my primary was faxed three (3) times, and confirmed the correct number with the Dr.’s office staff but their default answer to everything is no, we didn’t get it. I said I’d bring the referral in person but was told that likely “won’t be enough.”

    Also “IF” the doctor did agree to see me, it wouldn’t be for several months. If this isn’t a need for some kind of healthcare reform I don’t know. Like many other Americans I pay $600 per month for insurance but am treated like we simply don’t deserve care or service.

    I think I’ll deliver my referral and MRI in person but my expectation is that nothing will come of it, I won’t make it past the front desk and was dissuaded from even trying. Only reason I’ve had to switch to another doctor is because my original one who I saw once, suddenly left the country. I have such low expectations from an industry in his country that’s meant to be top notch.

  2. waste of my time.

    I have made two seven hour round trip visits to this disorganized office per pre- arranged visits made by Dr. Akizuki’s office. Both times, none of our test were at the office ahead of us. No one had any idea why we were there. They kept telling me that I made the appointment.

    When in fact both doctors offices were coordinating the visits and arranged the times. Dr. Haong could care less about the wasting of my time to drive seven hours for nothing. He was about as rude and uncaring as any doctor we have seen in the six years we have been in this world of trying to control pain. WARNING don’t go to this doctor.

    He might be confused as to why you are there and do something he shouldn’t. We are in search of a more competent doctor who respects our problem and our time. This doctor had to chew on every response he gave us, as if he was looking for simpler words that we might understand.

    He isn’t the only doctor and he will be the first to tell you over and over again how to feel free to take this prescription to any other doctor, well Dr. Haong, we will do exactly that. Thanks for nothing but a waste of my time.


    I have been to many Doctors. This has to be the worst experience I have ever had. I too would give no stars if I could!!! Doctor Hong is rude, narcissistic, and incompetent. He read nothing of the medical reports I brought him. I guess he thought he would come up with a new diagnosis for me. I have lived with pain for 15 years or more. I brought medical records from several Doctors. I KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

    I had given him my medical records on our first appointment. I could hear him talking to another Doctor in the next room, asking what to say to me. He tried to order a medication for me, that I new was not available in the U.S. He then said he would examine me!!!! After running in and out of the room 3 or 4 times, I think he ran out of time. NO EXAM. After a very strange and bizarre appointment, he said ” see me in 3 weeks”.

    I walked out with a prescription that I knew would not be filled and another one that I was not clear how to take !!! I had this strange feeling he did not know I was taking other meds. I called his nurse 3 times. I told her, “are you sure he knows that I am taking 3 other meds”??” If you told him he knows”.

  4. So if you have a workers comp issue I wouldn't recommend using him.

    I had a complicated workers comp injury so it took longer than normal so it was out of my hands.The company that was paying me said they didn’t receiving any reports from him even after numerous times trying to contact him by phone or through the mail.So they sent me a letter to give to him and if they didn’t get anything back within 30 days they will stop paying me.I gave him the letter and explained the situation to him.

    I had another appointment 6 weeks later and and it still wasn’t done.I asked him what the problem was and he said he didn’t like doing paper work.He did fill it out on that appointment and luckily things worked out.I have since moved on to another doctor.So if you have a workers comp issue I wouldn’t recommend using him.

  5. Dr. Hong is terrific plus

    He did a fantastic job with an injection in my neck.
    No more pain now after one shot.

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