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Had the worst experience with Dr. Hoylond Hong and his office – absolutely advice you to find an alternative given they were no help in any way, ended up costing me money that should have been covered by insurance do to how they bill and took up significant time and effort resulting in nothing but a bill.

First appointment I was left in waiting room for 90 minutes, then another 30 in the room before speaking to anyone.

Dr Hong was to have RX’s called in that day. I checked with my pharmacy repeatedly and left voicemails – took them 2 weeks to call them in.

When I asked what the delay was… “I forgot, sorry!”

Dr Hong’s office was also supposed to contact my insurance to get approval on a MRI as he wanted to get that asap to help determine the course of action.

After a week I contacted the office to see how it was going, they said they would call me back.

Nope. So at 2 weeks I called again, was told again they would call me back. At week 3 I called again and they said they were waiting to hear from my insurance – I called my provider and they said they had not been contacted yet.

In the end it took them 5 weeks to even contact my insurance! And then, they called me to tell me it was declined.

So I contacted my insurance company to understand why and it turns out that Dr Hong had ordered the MRI for the incorrect reason, that is why it was declined.

When I contacted Dr Hong I was told I would have to come back into the office to get re-examined in order to order the correct test – even though nothing had changed – but he couldn’t get me in for another 6 weeks.

When I asked why he needed to see me again, can’t he just correct the order, I was told that is the way it is.

Lastly, they submitted the wrong codes for my appointment, so insurance won’t cover any of it.

Ridiculous waste of money and time with absolutely no results. Horrible

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3 reviews on Dr. Hoylond Hong

  1. Never Again

    Some doctors are knowledgeable and intelligent, some doctors have a good bedside manner and take the time to explain things in enough detail and with appropriate alternatives presented to make a truly informed decision, some doctors take the time to actually listen and engage with the patient.

    I’ve never had a doctor that has all these traits, and so strongly in each category. I believe this is an exceptionally rare combination that makes Dr. Hong on a level far above a “good doctor”.

  2. It's much appreciated.

    Today I experienced the second of two procedures from Dr. Hong. I had Two Rhizotomies, first one left side second right. I was married to someone that decided the path to no pain was taking pain meds. He’s since passed away and when he had cancer, he had been on pain meds so long for back pain that nothing would help him when he REALLY needed the help with cancer.

    Dr. Hong has given me hope, I work out every day to stay fit but facet thinning and lower Lumbar issues and protruding discs had me in pain every day. Not anymore. I thank you Dr. Hong for giving me a new lease on life. You have allowed me to spread my wings and fly!!! I might sound nuts but no pain for the first time in 7 years is really meaningful.

    I also need to add that I have previously worked for a surgeon and am familiar with the Ins and outs of care, and I was very impressed with Dr. Hong’s knowledge, handling and concern of my case. It’s much appreciated.

  3. Dr Hong has helped me through the toughest stage of my life.

    Dr Hong has helped me through the toughest stage of my life. I first saw Dr Hong when I could barely walk, suffering from severe lower back pain caused by a herniated disc.

    The reason I have confidence in Dr Hong and made it through the worst pain in my life was his approach and thorough analysis of my problems. He sat down and listened intently as I described my symptoms and ordered tests to accurately diagnose what was happened inside my body.

    He took the time to explain every detail of what the tests were designed to do and what the results were. Dr Hong is up front about everything in my treatment – risks, expectations and follow up.

    More than anything I feel that Dr Hong is my partner and cares about helping me. He always gives me options and I feel he is 100% focused on helping me to heal, get rid of my pain and return to an active pain free life!

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