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Flustered Doctor

“I was provided a referral to see Dr. Gregory Fung, in regards to a throat issue I’ve been dealing with at the time.

One Medical Group, which I use as my primary care physicians decided it was best to see a specialist to address my prolonged state of misery.

Thus I was sent to a windowless office, furnished in ’80s decor, greeted with unpleasant stares & overhearing medical professionals questioning a patient’s sanity over the phone.

A medical time warp. So I fill out my paperwork, pay the co-pay, and I’m sent to a waiting room.

Even though I’m on time, the doctor isn’t. 30 minutes go by, and I’m taking time to see mid-day, on a work-week.

Finally, I went up to the receptionist desk and flat-out asked “Where *is* the doctor? I don’t have all day!”.

Quite frankly, I’m not proud of that last part – it was emotions, amplified by the extremely stuffy room I was asked to wait in.

30 seconds later, a flustered doctor shows up and makes a prognosis in under 5 minutes.

Tells me with a smile (quote) “leave it as it is”. I’d like to think I have outmost care & respect for health care professionals (although my outburst proved otherwise…), but I think everyone should at least be respectful towards each other’s time.

Mr. Fung wasn’t, and he, nor his staff, didn’t really try much to address my concerns at the time.

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6 reviews on Dr. Gregory Fung

  1. It was extremely frustrating and unprofessional...

    I had a test done and left several messages for a call back to get results. It was extremely frustrating and unprofessional…

  2. There has to be a better way.

    I had a terrible experience with Dr. Fung or at least the way he handles patients. I chose him as my primary care physician which was a mistake. 2 – 3 months to get in for a physical.

    When my appointment day finally arrived, I sat and waited for 40 minutes in his office without seeing Dr. Fung. I had to leave because I ran out of time. Unbelievable. No apologies from the staff either. Apparently waiting an hour is normal procedure. There has to be a better way.

  3. This guy is never in his office.

    This guy is never in his office. 2 canceled appointments and it takes several weeks to rebook them.

  4. This guy should not be in business.

    This guy should not be in business. He cancelled my appointment and did not bother telling me. I showed up and was told, “The Doctor is not in today”. What the hell kind of business is this? Apparently this is a frequent occurence!

  5. Especially, one of them is terrible.

    However, the problem is his staff members. There seems to be two receptionists/staffs right now. Especially, one of them is terrible.
    Whenever I make a phone call to do me a favor (well it is usually a request or question when you call a doctor’s office..) she sighs and shows her frustration even for some simple questions about a follow up.

  6. I would definitely recommend Dr Fung to anyone and everyone who needs medical attention.

    Dr. Fung is a good doctor and I have seen him for many years and all my appointments and in dealing with the office staff were all handled with professionalism, compassion, kindness and understanding. I would definitely recommend Dr Fung to anyone and everyone who needs medical attention.

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