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This was the worst experience with a Dr Gene Pudberry

This was the worst experience with a Dr Gene Pudberry I have ever had. First of all, I think this guy is swindling people out of money one “modest fee” at a time. I certainly feel swindled, and I still haven’t received my bill, which I am dreading. Secondly, I think he is completely incompetent. And, I wouldn’t trust him for a second.

He was on my insurance in-network list, and I had been sick for a week, and I needed a primary care visit fast. They were able to take me the very next morning. I had a bad feeling about it even after the phone call, but I didn’t listen to myself – regretfully. I made the mistake of passing on a couple of those same-day clinic options in the City, because I thought I would save money with someone in-network.

I looked for reviews on Dirty Scam and I couldn’t find them. I don’t know why. It was only after the appointment that I saw these reviews that totally jive with my terrible experience.The office is in unacceptable condition. The exam room is awkward, uncomfortable, and cluttered.

He argued with me when providing him symptoms, and often. He took an unusually long time to make an assessment (inconclusive and wrong one at that). He encouraged me to take a $25 “CPM” test, which he said could not be covered by insurance, but would tell him if what I had was viral or bacterial. What?????? Because I thought I could have a virus, I agreed, but reluctantly.

The whole thing was so suspicious. The nurse (I assume) came in pricked my finger, and then later came back with a piece of paper. He explained that he was one of the doctor’s that had gotten this test approved (but it didn’t pass clearance the first time), and that for some administrative reasons he couldn’t bill it to the insurance.

Anyway, I felt swindled out of $25 right there. And, perhaps there is a legal reason why he can’t bill the test – maybe because it is BULL or because it’s illegal???????????????
I really just wanted to walk out the entire time I was in his presence. He continuously made these ego serving comments,

like (paraphrased): “I don’t think any doctor is going to come up with anything more brilliant than me” or “Of course you don’t know, you aren’t a doctor like I am”….He took forever, going off on all these tangents – insisting he could help me with this or that (trying to sell me, of course).

He was rude at times and extremely defensive. Then he even questioned a referral I was given from my long-time out-of-area doctor, so that he could practically shove a new referral down my throat. God knows he will probably find a way to charge me for that. I agreed to take the referral only so he could shut up, and get to the issue at hand.

In the end, I got no answers – he went about suggesting I get more tests in way that only alarmed me and to rule out something that was pretty much impossible. My symptoms were so obvious not to need that “rule out”, according to other clinicians I spoke to later that day.

None of this had any knowledge of such finger prick test, which obviously is a big con. I am so pissed. I should have walked out the minute and I walked in, but I really needed a doctor that day.When I initially refused tests because I told him I can’t afford to run around doing a bunch of tests, unless they were absolutely necessary.

He said, he is concerned about his patient’s budgets! Bull [email protected]#$Lastly, he wasted yet another ten minutes recommending a dietary supplement that he could give me for a “modest fee” of $10. I walk to the counter (a wasted hour later), and the woman is giving me a little box with NO LABELING, just her hand writing with the name of the pills.

I asked her, what is this? She pulled out a bottle of some dietary supplement – which she had opened, pulled out like 10/15 pills, and then re-packaged – to charge me $10! Is that LEGAL????????????????? He is not a pharmacist, and even if it is a supplement, it needs to be dispensed and sealed with labeling. And,

also an entire bottle of what he was offering is no more than $15 online. So, WHAT THE HELL IS HE CHARGING $10! for?????? Everything about this guy is questionable. Seriously, I feel creeped out and swindled. The more time that passed from my appointment, the more pissed off I get. As I said, now I am just expecting issues with the bill. I plan to complain about his behavior with my insurance company.

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5 reviews on Dr Gene Pudberry

  1. Gene Pudberry, DO Bad Service.

    I went to this doctor two times. He was late starting both of my appointments, even though no other patients were in the office, by over thirty minutes and the second appointment did not start not time because he was on the phone trying to fix his computer.

    He actually trimmed his nails at the office front desk-which was totally gross and unprofessional. His office is a mess and he has boxes everywhere-it’s not clean at all. He made me have two evaluations because he kept stalling and took forever by interuppting my appointment to take numerous phone calls at each appointment about his car that was in the shop.

  2. Dont Use This Company

    Without even knowing all the details, I could sense a streak of dishonesty about Dr Gene Pudberry and his nurse/jreceptionist, Lina. A few days ago I was scheduled for a 2:00pm appointment at Pudberry’s office. As I entered his clinic another man stepped in with me.

    Lina told me to wait in the waiting area, and went in into the doctor’s office with the other man. Dr Pudberry was sitting in the room next to his office, meanwhile, and was mumbling things outloud to himself.

  3. Sucks

    Ditto to what the guy above/below said. Sucks

  4. I would not hesitate to recomend him.

    As others have mentioned, the office is old and cluttered with a very small waiting area ( no good for strollers or active small children ) but Dr. Pudberry is very kind,gentle and thorough.

    This was my first meeting and his nurse actually had to call him out as he took so long with me, I was cutting in to the next patient. He took a real interest in my case, and seems to book what he can really handle to avoid backup. I would not hesitate to recomend him.

  5. I highly recommend Dr. Pudberry to my friends.

    I have received great and attentive service from Dr. Pudberry and his staff.
    The office is small and in a nice older medical building in the Pacific Heights area of San Francisco. He actually takes time and listens. His treatments helped end serious back pain. I highly recommend Dr. Pudberry to my friends.

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San Francisco 94109 CA US
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