Dr. Edward Diao

The Experiment Which Gets Worse

Dr. Edward Diao and his Fellows, Residents, etc. left me TOTALLY DISABLED when I was sent to see him with Basal Joint Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel and DeQuervains Syndrome.

I had a family family who had good outcome, but had a minor issue compared to mine.

Fifteen years later, ( and back at Kaiser with a great medical team,) we are dealing with the complete failure of the FIVE surgeries I underwent- practice for the team? I found him to be completely devoid of compassion, always in a hurry, and not at all interested in the cause of the injury.

After 10 visits, he failed to identify my husband in a waiting room with just two people, but luckily, my husband easily recognized him.

We found the staff to be cold and methodical, wait time often up to an hour, for which we would pay at the lot that was nearly always full, and I see he has now moved on to the Work Comp QME cracker jack job.

The reason I write- if he suggests surgery ASK whether he will do it, or someone whom he will ‘supervise.’

It is too late for me- there is no way to repair the experiment which gets worse each year.

If given a list of Hand Specialists, have a consult first- take all of your questions.

Just because someone has a reputation, does not mean he is the right surgeon.

I will live to regret ever going to UC, and would NEVER return.

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5 reviews on Dr. Edward Diao

  1. Scammer

    I went to Dr Diao to repair two Trigger fingers ( a simple O.R. I had done by another Dr. (retired) with great success.) Dr. Diao realized I had numb
    fingers I had treated with no success….Dr. Diao said he could fix my
    trigger fingers and gave me a 90% chance he could cure my numb
    fingers by operating and doing a carpel tunnel O.R. on my left wrist….

  2. I'm a middle aged guy with Dupuytren's Contracture.

    I’m a middle aged guy with Dupuytren’s Contracture. I have a high deductible insurance plan which means I am personally on the hook for some of the costs and thus, I am trying to be a good consumer…seeking good quality at a reasonable price. I’m going to volunteer my data, so you can be a better consumer too.

    I found Dr. Diao’s credentials to be impeccable and made an appointment last October. The result of that short appointment was a bill to my insurer for $620. Of that billed amount, the insurance disallowed most of the bill and based on contracted rates brought the bill to $240. (I believe the $240 to be a fair price.) In the appointment,

    Dr. Diao performed the examination of my hand and recommended open surgery to correct my hand at a surgery center (in the same building as his office) . Dr. Diao disclosed he has a financial interest in the surgery center, as appropriate.

    I asked for a quote of the expected costs related to my procedure. His office manager sent me a surgical fee estimate which came to $11,089. (Note, this figure is based on his rates and my insurance contracted rates are most likely lower.

  3. Bad Service

    Dr. Diao accepted me as a patient to treat a right hand Deputryens contracture. It had been treated before with Xiaflex and needle aponeurotomy.

    We began with an injection of Xiaflex, and manipulation of the cord. His office took care of ordering the medication, which is quite expensive and takes quite a bit of time-consuming procedure and I appreciated that I did not have to manage any of that.

    The treatment was not successful and as he’d suspected, the surgical option was appropriate. I had the surgery October 24th of last year, and the hand looks good, functions well, and the nerve has come back almost entirely.

    His office was responsive to post surgical questions about care, bandage removal, etc and his team followed up appropriately, including a call from the anesthetist to make sure I was ok 24 hours out.

    He performed a minimally invasive technique that healed well. If you have deputryens and are considering a surgical option, you would do well to see Dr. Diao for a competent and effective surgery. Jason Albertson.

  4. There has recently been an almost complete turnover in the office and that may take care of those issues.

    I have had two shoulder surgeries by Diao (one on each shoulder) over the past two years. His diagnosis and surgical skills combined to alleviate my pain and I now feel as if I’d never had issues in the first place. I have found him to be very professional and I was very pleased with how engaged he was in every visit I had.

    The reason I didn’t give him 3 stars is due to issues I’ve had with his staff’s lack of organization and follow-through. There has recently been an almost complete turnover in the office and that may take care of those issues.

  5. For this reason, when I approached Dr. E. Diao I had very low expectations.

    I have been treated for Dupuytren’s disease, several times in last 20 years. Lately my condition has become so severe that I have been told by various hand specialists that I no longer qualify for nonsurgical procedures. For this reason, when I approached Dr. E. Diao I had very low expectations.

    I was very pleased when Dr. Diao agreed to see me; he treated my hand with Xiaflex injections, and was able to straighten my four effected fingers to the degree that they are now 100% functional.

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San Francisco 94108 CA US
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Reported Loss :3888 $
Severity of Scam :High
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Is Dr. Edward Diao a scam?
Yes, Dr. Edward Diao is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com, They are not aggressive toward their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Dr. Edward Diao a legit?
No, Dr. Edward Diao is not a legit business owner or provider, you should take all precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews submitted by Dr. Edward Diao consumers?
There is/are 5 review(s) posted about Dr. Edward Diao and its indicate that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Dr. Edward Diao located?
Dr. Edward Diao is located at 450 Sutter Street, 450 Sutter St #910, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA.
How much monetary losses incurred by Dr. Edward Diao customers?
3888 $ monetary losses incurred by Dr. Edward Diao customers.