Dr Douglas B Gultz

Wast of time and money

All I can say is UNPROFESSIONAL and DISRESPECTFUL!! This dentist (Dr Douglas B Gultz) basically was very rude and disrespectful to me because of miscommunication on the behalf of his staff. I drove all the way from NC to come get some cavities filled and tooth extracted. I explained this over the phone to his staff and they didn’t say this couldn’t be done.

They agreed to schedule. When I got there at least 5 people asked me what was I getting done today. That’s when I knew there was an issue. The dentist had just got done screaming at another customer because he put the wrong crown in the patients motuh. The patient never went to the back for service but Dr Douglas B Gultz told his staff to charge her anyways!! Unbelievable! He comes to me with the same attitude and ask why did I think I was getting all that work done in one day? I thought that because of his staff! They never told me over the phone I couldn’t do that.

Why would I come all the way from NC for a consultation? He basically called me a liar and said he knew his staff for 20 years and they would never say anything like that because they would be fired. The staff was very intimated by this man (Dr Douglas B Gultz) He had just called them “nobodies” in front of other patients. I was appalled.

Me and the dentist argued for a good ten minutes. I got up and left. I wasted my time and my money coming a doctor that calls himself the “best” and “highly recommended.” He was far from that. If his approach was different and if he would have took the time to explain why I couldn’t do everything in one day I would have been receptive. He flat out said he couldn’t do it! I would not recommend anyone going to poor excuse of dentist Dr Douglas B Gultz!

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  1. They truly are as good as it gets.

    Highly recommended!! I have never been to a dentist who went out of his way to help me the way Dr. Gultz and his staff did for me. They have both an exceptionally talented and professional crew, as well as extremely affordable pricing. I was handled with a professionalism and efficiency that is unfortunately sometimes sorely lacking at other dentists.

    I got checked and cleaned, a filling, and a crown quickly, easily, and painlessly. They made sure to be extremely kind, patient, and courteous. It’s not often that you go to a dentist who you feel actually cares and takes personal interest in your dental hygiene. They truly are as good as it gets.

Lafayette Street 396
Newark 07105 NJ US
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Reported Loss :250 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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