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The Most Uncouth Humans

I would not recommend Dr. Debra Osman to anyone. As many of the other reviews have noted, she seems a little vacant and cares little about her patients.

During a recent visit, she left me waiting for 40+ minutes.

When I asked the nurse if she knew when she would be in, she seemed confused as to where the Dr. may be.

When she did finally come into the room she said, “so you’re here for a follow up appt”.

No, but that was a really good guess. She hadn’t even looked at my chart to see why I was there.

She then proceeded to ask me inane questions that had nothing to do with my visit including asking me if I smoked THREE TIMES.

Within a 20 minute visit she asked me if I smoked THREE TIMES!

I guess she was assuming maybe I had taken up smoking since the first time she asked.

The previous time I saw her she asked me “have your eyes always bulged out like that?”. Wow.Talk about giving someone a complex.

On more than one occasion she has ended the visit by walking out of the room while still rambling about something.

The first time I sat there for a while thinking she was going to come back in but she never did. Okay, then, good talk.

This is one of the most uncouth humans I have ever encountered.

Definitely not someone you want giving you medical advice.

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5 reviews on Dr. Debra Osman

  1. It is unfortunate that she is at Bayspring because I received outstanding care from other doctors and NPs there.

    When my regular doctor left Bayspring, I was transferred to Debra Osman. After my first child was born, Debra diagnosed my thyroid autoimmunity and started me on a shockingly high dose of levothyroxine. I now know that she didn’t monitor it correctly and I remained on that overly-high dose for FAR too long.

    Moreover, she adamantly instructed that if I got pregnant again and the TSH blood test indicated a need to change the dose, it was imperative that I not change it. I followed her advice. Several months into my next pregnancy, I was urgently sent to the hospital for a fetal echocardiogram. My baby had an atrial arrhythmia because of the incorrect levothyroxine dose that Debra insisted I stay on.

    During this same period, my mother was also transferred to Debra Osman. Debra failed to recognize and correctly diagnose my mother’s severe cough as GERD and other symptoms as hepatic failure. Those errors were costly to my mother and to my family.

    Debra Osman is a poor listener. Her bedside manner is abysmal. In my family’s experience, she is also a dangerously subpar doctor. It is unfortunate that she is at Bayspring because I received outstanding care from other doctors and NPs there.

  2. My first visit with Dr. Osman was less than stellar.

    My first visit with Dr. Osman was less than stellar. I had what I thought was a cold which I couldn’t seem to shake. When Dr. Osman came in she was dismissive and seemed irritated that I was taking up her time. She told me it was allergies and to take some Benydryl.

    Okay, everyone has a bad day. I saw her again for some issues that were cropping up and she referred me to an absolutely wonderful obgyn doctor who was warm and down to earth. It was kind of odd (and I should have paid more attention to this) but Dr. Osman was always very nice to me when this other doctor was around and abrupt and dismissive when she wasn’t. Long story short, I had surgery for endometriosis and was put on birth control pills for the first time in my life.

    I went in to see Dr. Osman again and mentioned that I was feeling shaky and downright odd (remember, I’d just been put on the Pill which is hormones) and she says she doesn’t think it’s anything serious and sends me out the door.

    Then the next morning her office calls because the doctor has decided I should talk to a psychologist. She never called me, never discussed it while I was there and I guess it didn’t even occur to her that maybe the type of birth control pill I was on might need adjusting? Needless to say I freaked and found another doctor who was sweet and sensible. She just adjusted my birth control pill and viola, symptoms gone.

    I can’t say she was a very good medical professional in my situation or a particularly nice person but the obgyn doctor she introduced me to was fantastic.

  3. This is unfortunate.

    Let me start off by saying that I’ve never even had an appointment with Dr. Osman. The bay spring medical group office apparently doesn’t think my health is important enough to see my actual doctor. Therefore, this review is for the office of Debra Osman, and not the doctor herself.

    If anyone is concerned with having an actual care-giver, a team of people who support your health goals and track your long-term progress with sincere concern, do NOT go here. The secretary’s are the gate-keepers and are incredibly rude, on some sort of power trip because they know your health is in their hands, despite the fact that they are ONLY secretaries, and they make the experience very uncomfortable.

    Sometimes it’s the admin staff that make or break a successful office and in Dr. Osman’s case and the Bay Spring Medical group, it’s the admin staff that is breaking this office.

    I recently needed a prescription filled and was met with nothing but rudeness, an accusatory tone, and I had to ask the secretary to speak to a doctor. Only then did secretary on the phone, I believe her name was Maurine, help me, but still acted like I was a huge inconvenience and a liar! It was unbelievable and caused me a lot of anxiety.

    I couldn’t believe someone who works for a doctor’s office, a care-giving facility, should actually treat someone like that! She repeated over and over again instructions in a tone that made me feel like she was speaking to a ten year old and then acted like she was doing me a HUGE favor!

    I had to call in three times over the course of three days because they got the prescription wrong ,and then refused to admit it, again accusing me of screwing up. This is unfortunate.

  4. Scammer

    Now on to the actual care; I can only say that it seems that every time I go there for an appointment I wait forever alone in the room and when the nurse finally does come in, I’m sort of rushed out.

    The nurse spends most of the time on the computer next to the bed typing in everything I’m saying without much actual eye contact. It’s as if they want to document everything, but don’t have much time for much else. I’m actually a healthy person, I don’t need a lot of care, so it’s important to me that when I go in I’m listened to and that I get good advice.

    I’m not sure about Dr. Osman, but the bay spring medical group and their rude admin staff is NOT an office I would recommend.

  5. Warm as a Siberian winter

    Warm as a Siberian winter… but if you don’t care about “beside manner” she may be the doc for you.

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