Dr. Dawn Cortland

Very Unprofessional

My husband felt very uncomfortable with Dr. Dawn Cortland, she wanted to do a physical check up with him, he had requested a male doctor to do it and the nurses said the doctor wouldn’t see him, he also told them he didn’t want to do the full physical appt and she was very pushy and wanted it done.

I was also sent out of the room feeling very uncomfortable with how they all acted.

If someone request not to have a full physical you should probably realize they are uncomfortable with it.

A male doctor would have been preferred instead they were pushy with doing it right there and then. Very unprofessional

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3 reviews on Dr. Dawn Cortland

  1. It was sometimes hard to get in touch with her.

    It was sometimes hard to get in touch with her. She didn’t call back when she said she would. As time went on, I began to worry about whether I could depend on her.

  2. Dr. Dawn Cortland is really Not great.

    Dr. Dawn Cortland is really Not great. I generally avoid going to the doctors until whatever issue afflicting me has created such an impediment to existing that there’s no way to avoid seeking treatment. Having said that, Dr. Cortland made me feel at ease, was not judgmental about the dubious past I have lived, directed me to the appropriate specialists, and I credit her with my expeditious recovery.

    Nobody is perfect, and we should stop expecting other humans to fake perfection simply to avoid a bruised ego. They do the best they can, and if a doctor looks you up and down because you’re over-weight, be grateful she doesn’t say “OMG you are so fat!”

    because only an idiot in the 21st century doesn’t acknowledge that being overweight is not healthy.This stupid game of fake politeness in San Francisco gets so old when dealing with rude and obnoxious people, and I’m sure if you approach Dr. Cortland with respect, you will be treated with dignity and respect.

  3. As a former Emergency Room Tech and Practical Nurse I'm very involved in my own medical care.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Cortland’s for over 12 years. I started seeing her shortly after a hospital admission in 1998. I decided to switch to Dr. Cortland on the recommendation of another physician due to the poor care and lack of follow up I was receiving from my former doctor.

    As a former Emergency Room Tech and Practical Nurse I’m very involved in my own medical care. In October of 1998 I started feeling bad and called Dr. Cortland. Her call was promptly returned and through our conversation she figured out I was having a heart attack without the classic symptoms, I owe my life to her!

    In regards to her bedside & office manner I have found her to be caring, concerned, engaged, professional, and compassionate. Not once has she ever been “mean, rude, or condescending,” in fact over the past 12 years I can’t ever remember seeing her without a smile on her face. As for her office, it has always been spotless. It is far cleaner than many other physician’s offices I have been in and certainly cleaner than one or two major hospitals I worked in.

Montgomery Street 180
San Francisco 94104 CA US
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