Dr. David Galler

Dr. Galler is a male chauvinist fella

I am feeling awful while writing this report here. I never thought that such a respectable doctor, Dr. David Galler can be a jerk. I enrolled myself for the Invisalign Submit that happened in Washington, DC. I booked all my women staffs tickets and hotel rooms for attending this submit.

I was looking forward to learning about this field and include it in my dental practice. The first day was smooth and we all were excited with the events ahead. However, it came out to be highly shocking and shameful.

The second day, Dr. Galler was the one providing information on the Invisalign and called himself as the wolf of Invisalign when he was being awarded. We were asked to wear the t-shirt bearing the title of wolf of Invisalign. It was not only a request, but we were forced to in a polite manner.

Later, during the ceremony, he played a video with him lying naked in bed with naked women around. It was humiliating and highly degrading. It was so embarrassing that I had to leave with my staffs from there. I am not sure what king of promotion was that. He has been such a respected doctor and showing such a reckless behaviour was never expected out of him.

This did not end here. While we were still asleep, he sent a WhatsApp message including the video of him. He was on the floor and a pillow on his top. A girl in the bunny dress was jumping on the bed and then landed on top of him. He sent this video at 3 in the morning.

What kind of act was that? I took a break from my dental practice only to grow my knowledge about a new field. But, this experience shook us all. I never knew that bringing my female staff would turn out to be like this.

I even believe that this kind of act should be unacceptable regardless of the gender we belong to. And, most of all, how these videos would encourage us to learn more about Invisalign or sell it at our offices.

Without any clue, I am still in the shock and cannot believe that he was allowed to do that. I used to consider him as a respectable citizen, but never knew that he was a male chauvinist at the heart. I would never like to learn from someone like him. Instead, I would opt to stay naïve.

We closed our clinic to learn and this guy made it difficult for us to even stand that submit. We packed our bags and returned before the submit got over.

We can learn it from somewhere else and anywhere else but not where Dr. Galler is welcomed. He does not respect women and has always no sense of responsibility for ruining our experience to such a horrific end.

I am not sure if can be trusted at all. But, he is out of my trust list. A man with no moral, I would say.

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