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Dr. Collin Quock Sucks As An Oncologist

Dr. Collin Quock sucks as an oncologist. He was my father’s oncologist. My father as admitted into the hospital with excessive bleeding, heart failure, renal failure, high protein levels, anemia, low blood count, etc.

All signs pointed to multiple myeloma. He was discharged from the hospital after a couple of transfusions and sent off with basically a pat on the back.

At the physical therapy/rehab center, my father started to hallucinate and to lose his mind. I insisted they take him back to the hospital.

After a few days of tests, doctors were still saying dehydration, nothing serious, and next thing I knew, Dr. Quock calls me up and leaves a voice message on my phone.

I was out of town at the time. He tells me that he suspects my dad of having multiple myeloma and yeah, can he get my consent to take bone biopsy.

The tests came back. My dad not only had multiple myeloma, he was end stage 3, which is basically stage 4.

The hypercalcemia caused his hallucinations. The cancer was everywhere, including a lesion on his face.

When we asked Dr. Quock for a prognosis, he said, “You can’t do this to me!” Do this to you? He refused to give us a prognosis and said, “I’ll give him some pills and he’ll be fine.

He could live another 3-10 years.” My father died 3 weeks after the diagnosis.

The hospitalist told us my dad had only weeks to months.

After Dr. Quock read that in the report, he said it was totally inappropriate of her to say that as my dad was not even a candidate of hospice.

Dr. Quock’s failure to give us a proper prognosis and his dishonesty about the state of my father’s health caused us a lot of problems with not only the insurance companies but in dealing with the last days of his life.

Dr. Quock sucks. When we brought this up with nurses and social workers, everyone else told us the same thing and that we should switch oncologists.

They all suggested we switch to Dr. Edward Chan. So just FYI, if this guy is your oncologist, get another one.

You don’t need a guy who’s going to tell you that you have stage 4 cancer and that you’ll live forever. It’s BS. It’s cruel. And it’s ridiculous.

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2 reviews on Dr. Collin Quock

  1. Not only did he NOT find the time to call back butmhad his receptionist give me the answers to my questions.

    After going through three months of chemo under Dr. Quock’s advisement, my father’s cancer spread and was diagnosed as stage 4. Afte rthe chemo prescribed, his tumor had grown and spread. As a concerned family member, I called Dr. Quock’s office to ask that he call me because I had a couple of questions that we as a family needed to have answered.

    Not only did he NOT find the time to call back butmhad his receptionist give me the answers to my questions. Now keep in mind, these were personal medical questions I had for the doctor concerning my terminally ill father. Dr. Quock could not find a few minutes in his busy schedule to talk to me.

    When I called the office back, the receptionist matter of factly Told me my father had only a certain amount of time to live if he did not continue with any more chemo and that he was not a candidate for any surgical alternative.

  2. Dr. Quock is no ordinary Chinese doctor.

    Dr. Quock is no ordinary Chinese doctor. He’s highly credible and his service as my primary doctor has been extraordinary. Dr. Quock is great about answering all your questions. Don’t be afraid to ask. Him and the staff are also great about helping with insurance and prescriptions.

    If your insurance does not cover certain medications, let the office know and they’ll consult him to find an alternative. If you’re sick, you will most likely walk out of the office with a prescription or two. He is really great about getting you medications right away so you can feel better.

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