Dr. Chris Raggio

Chris Raggio is mentally ill and calls himself a psychiatrist

It would be an irony if I say that a mentally sick person in certified to cure the mental illness of other patients. However, this irony seems true in case of Dr. Chris Raggio. One of my family member was in touch with Chris Raggio for some time and it turned out to be a disaster. I took my aunt to this felon who seemed not at all friendly. His staffs were also rude and were ignoring our concerns.

At first, I felt it strange but thought of not judging the book with the cover as Chris Raggio is a psychiatrist in Nashville with years of experience. Hence, I took my aunt for few more sessions. I was not seeing any improvement to the health of my aunt and was really worried. Hence, I asked for an appointment myself.

It took them 2 weeks to put me on the list. It was frustrating and with all the time I had, I started bombarding him with the questions I had in mind. I discussed with him about the case history and he seemed indifferent to the actual problem that my aunt was going through. He was explaining something that was not at all a concern.

I thought he was mistaken my aunt’s case with another patient and asked him to recheck the file. The file was of my aunt but the case files was incorrect. The condition that he focused was never an issue. I asked for an explanation and he buzzed me off saying that he knows his patients better than I know.

I was stunned to see his reaction. He is rude and does not answer the question when asked. He never spent more than 10-20 minutes with my aunt and sometimes, it was even less. How can he get to know his patients when he does not consider giving them time?

I have known other psychiatrist and have never seen anyone playing with the mental condition of their patients. However, Dr. Chris seems to be mentally sick himself. The way he handles his patients is intolerable and on top of that he accuses them for their condition. He is insensitive and should be thrown out of his office.

After my meeting with him, I tried to search about him on internet and found lots of bad reviews that was shouting about his unprofessionalism and incapability of dealing with the mental condition of his patients.

We had enrolled for the entire program that consisted of few sessions and the payment was made in advance. So, I contacted the office for cancelling the further appointment to which they replied that they cannot make any refund. If we wish, we can stop coming for the counseling but the money would not be refunded.

That sounded robotic with no emotional connection with the patient’s condition. I understood that dr. Chris only seeks fees and does not aim at helping his patients. Even if he wishes, I think he couldn’t because he is incapable.

I tried calling them few times and spoke to the doctor as well. But, nothing helped. We lost our money and later contacted different doctor for my aunt care. I was stunned with the results. It was evident that dr. Chris was only trying to stretch the case to make money.

Chris Raggio should be banned from practicing and should be held behind bars for playing with his patient’s health condition.

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  1. Chris Raggio is such a Bad Guy

    Chris Raggio is such a Bad A**. Please be wary to go to his clinic.

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