Dr. Carlos Wesley

Carlos Wesley is not a professional but money minded cosmetic surgeon

I decided to go for the cosmetic surgery for my lost hair and enquired about the best doctors on internet. Dr. Carlos Wesley seemed to have the great reviews and I became really excited to talk about my hair transplant surgery. I called his office to take the appointment and was told that I can come right away.

Without wasting a second, I approached his office. Although, the distance was quite far, I decided to drive. I did not want to miss the chance of him leaving the clinic. I was told by the receptionist that he is not having any appointments for next 2 hours and that was enough time to reach there.

It took me 45 minutes of drive and I was at the reception. It was the same girl I spoke with on the phone. She told me that there was an important meeting and was unexpected. So, he left for the other city and won’t be available until next week. She also asked me to fill my details so that she can call me after he is back.

I was disappointed but considered the emergency and filled out my details. She said she will confirm the next week after calling my number. After I was done filling the form, she gave me a receipt of $100. I was surprised and looked at her in amaze. She told me that this is the advance fee for the appointment and a confirmation that the time slot she books doesn’t go unattended.

This was a complete new way of dealing with patients. However, I did the payment and left. I waited the entire next week, but did not get any call. I called the office and was informed that they had missed my phone number. When I asked about the appointment, she told I could come the next day in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, there was something personal and I had to reschedule the appointment. She did it for the next day. So, I reached there for consultation. She asked me to fill the details again and to pay $80. I asked her the reason and she told me that it was the rescheduling fees.

However, she never informed me of the same the other day. If she had, I would have managed to come on that day itself. I paid and it took them 2 hours to show me his cabin. Please note that it was a scheduled appointment.

I met Dr. Carlos and he seemed okay. I mean, he did not give any option that was not advised by any of the doctors I met before. On top of that, his fee was too high as compared to other doctor’s services.

He also informed me that he was packed for the entire month and the month ahead, so won’t be taking my case any sooner. And I will have to pay 50% of the transplant amount beforehand to get that date. I do not know, but entire experience with him and his office was hell. So, I decided not to go with him.

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7 reviews on Dr. Carlos Wesley

  1. He is a terrible surgeon and I still curse the day I opted him. He cannot be trusted.

  2. Dr. Carlos Wesley

    Dr. Carlos Wesley is very reputed doctor and I can not belive if it happened with you. Dr. Carlos Wesley should take care of this kind of issue carefully.

    I bet Dr. Carlos Wesley is not aware of this incident happened it also Receptionist karma.

    Dr. Carlos Wesley is such a great guy and I have consulted him many time

  3. Dr. Carlos K. Wesley is sucker.. scam scam scam!!!

    Dr. Carlos K. Wesley is sucker.. scam scam scam!!!

  4. Dr. Carlos

    Dr. Carlos asked me for unnecessary tests and gave me the address of the pathology lab to get the test done. It was also too expensive The same test could have costed me half of the amount they charged.

    He is a scam and have associations with other hospitals and facilities to fraud people.

  5. Dr. Carlos review

    Dr. carlos takes extra charges and he is too expensive. His work is also not recommendable.

  6. Dr. Wesley and team revisited

    I have undergone two hair restoration procedures with Dr. Wesley and his staff. I do not understand this poor review. I too travel an hour by car to his office and I have never been kept waiting. The staff is efficient, knowledgeable, and considerate. I don’t understand the reference to “his cabin”. His Fifth Avenue facility is elegant and contains his own office and treatment rooms. I am not sure how many as I have always been accompanied from the waiting room by staff as is appropriate for both privacy and health. In my experience the facility is as fastidiously designed and maintained as any ambulatory surgery center I have been in. I have only been billed for the initial consult and procedures. When the products that I purchased were not right for my hair texture, the refund was immediate and without a tinge of resentment.
    Of course we all have subjective experiences, but I wanted to record that I too did a great deal of research and ended up with Dr. Wesley and so far I am happy. These procedures are expensive and outcomes vary upon our own health and make-up. And Dr. Wesley’s fees are higher, however there are a lot of marginally trained people doing these scalp procedures as well as mills and I did not feel confident with any in the lower cost brackets. It is not an area of the cosmetic surgery where you get a lot of do overs.
    To each their own. But I am also suspicious of anonymous negative reports that negate my lived experience. The only reason I did not give them the 5th star is that my process is not complete and therefore I do not have an final outcome to report.
    M, Martin
    Putnam County, New York

  7. 100% legit!!!!!!!

    Dr. Wesley is a thorough professional! I consulted with several hair transplant doctors & he was by far the best. Dr Bernstein was the worst. He was demeaning & bald as a cue ball (which I found ironic). Dr. Wesley did everything we agreed to, for the price we agreed to. His staff was outstanding; i told them I was available if they had any cancellations. They had one & I had my procedure was done months ahead of time. it was successful & every detail that was foretold by Dr Wesley happened at the exact time he told me it would.

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New York 10028 NY US
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Reported Loss :180 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
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