Dr Ani Tajirian

The person I got was rude, condescending and superior

it appears this woman is as moody as they come. I did not get the kind, quirky Dr. Ani Tajirian. The person I got was rude, condescending and superior. I had a small mole between my breasts (diagnosed by another doctor) that turned out to be cancerous.

Upon seeing the mole, she laughed and said to her assistant, “This must be California Mohs, it’s so small I can barely see it.” I was astonished that she had just tried to shame me for a cancer procedure! It made her assistant very uncomfortable, too.

She didn’t stop there, she also said “she’d be so embarrassed if her teachers could see her doing Mohs on this.” I’m not making this up, these statements actually came out of her mouth.

I gave her the benefit of the doubt and didn’t leave because English is obviously not her first language and I thought that maybe she didn’t know how offensive she just was. But, as it turned out, she ain’t all that, either.

She put me back together with super glue and I now have a scar bigger than the original mole she ridiculed. Good luck with Jekyll and Hyde.If you need a dermatologist that’s consistently wonderful, read the reviews for Ingrid Roseborough. She’s a true gem.

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  1. Ani Tajirian, MD Bad Service.

    i just called and the receptionist was RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the dr. reads my review and gets rid of people working for her that have no customer service skills

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