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Dr. Alan Nili has been my doctor since the days when he was at Kaiser on Barranca pkwy which was at least 15+ years ago.

At the time I truly believe he was the best doctor ever.

However, now that his practice has expanded I feel like he only works to pump more money and does not care about the patients anymore.

1st of all, no matter what appointment time he gives you, you have to sit in his waiting room for at least 30+ minutes.

Then they call your name and make you wait inside the private room for an additional 15+ minute.

Then he comes in and talks to you for 5 minutes, refers you to some of his horrible associates who probably gives him some sort of commission or money under the table.

Before he used to work to make you feel better. Now he only works to squeeze money out of you and your insurance.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets busted one of these days for taking advantage over peoples’ insurance. In fact I may actually report him.

I remember In 2005 i got blood work and had me come see him to explain my results with him in person.

This very last time that I got blood work, he had his receptionist calling me and telling me that they received my blood work and that my cholesterol was too high.

Please watch out what you eat. (Are you serious!)

Dr. Nili, if your business is blooming, please hire more doctors and care more about your patience’s health rather than their pockets.

I referred over 30+ people to your practice and totally regret it.

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3 reviews on Dr. Alan Nili

  1. Sorry, but I am off to another doctor.

    I wanted to make an appointment today which the assistant told me that they have an opening at 2pm. After she found out that I am a new patient, I was told they have no openings till another day, as new patients take more time.

    C’mon, I am in pain here. I understand there is more paperwork involved, but I can not remember that my first appointments ever took more of the doctors time than any other appointments. Sorry, but I am off to another doctor.

  2. Highly recommended!

    Dr. Nili is knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. You can tell he is really all about helping his patients unlike some other doctors who seem to have no time for you and toss you a prescription.

    Dr. Nili takes the time to explain your problems, the medications, tests, results, etc. I felt very comfortable with him. His staff is also very professional and helpful. Highly recommended!

  3. However! Dr Nili is not one to care about money but truly and solely cares about the health and wellbeing of his patients.

    Okay, so I wasn’t going to leave a review because I WORK FOR Dr Nili, but after seeing some of these unpleasant reviews I just had to put my thoughts down and give you some of the behind-the-scenes insider information. Also, my family and I have been patients of his for the last 18 years, which should count for something as well.

    Let me preface this by saying that after working with Dr. Nili for over 10 years now, I have come to realize we work within an extremely FLAWED healthcare system that is profit driven rather than care driven.

    However! Dr Nili is not one to care about money but truly and solely cares about the health and wellbeing of his patients. I know this because he has seen patient after patient after patient FOR FREE when they face serious financial limitations on top of medical problems. So if there’s one thing about him, he’s certainly NOT after your money.

    Our office has gotten busier due to the many patient referrals which we greatly appreciate. Additionally, with the new Affordable Care plans, a lot of providers/doctors have opted out and are no longer in-network with many plans because of their lower reimbursement rates compared to previous commercial plans. This has left a larger patient pool and LESS doctors to care for them. Dr. Nili still accepts all Affordable Care act PPO plans to be able to serve his patients and support their healthcare needs.

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