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I went to Dr. Adam Rubinstein to correct an upper arms lift from 1999 that I thought was not satisfactory. Although the upper arm contour done by Dr Rubinstein is just ok when my arms are extended, the fact still remains that a rear view of me shows these puffy hideous upper arms, especially above the elbows. Not worth the $6000 I paid

When I told Dr. Rubinstein I was not happy with the puffiness from the rear view, he said he would do it over without further charge, but it would still cost me $1500 more to use the operating room, AGAIN. My thought is that he should’ve done it right to begin with and without the costly do overs. I decided I would not invest a penny more in this kind of substandard work.

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20 reviews on Dr. Adam Rubinstein

  1. I had Botox at Maidstone branch

    I had Botox at Maidstone branch. Did not see no difference I went back and was told because I had already had Botox a year earlier for the first time that the Botox won’t work anymore and that I need fillers. I spoke to head office and was told I would get a call back which I never have. I was very disappointed

  2. Dr Adam's attitude towards the customers were worst.

    The person who is the owner of this plastic surgery in Miami, Florida treats the customers with really bad manner and bad arrogant attitude.

    He abuses the innocent customers with verbal accusations. Dr Adam never admitted his faults and just gave the customers mental anguish. He never appreciated them purchasing the cosmetics. His attitude and manner was horrible.

    The cosmetics that customers purchased at Dr. Adam Rubinstein’s clinic were defective. I tried to show him those, but he didn’t even try to see those and just ignore it and started to attack verbally without apologizing or any trying.

    Their attitude towards the customers were worst.

  3. Fooled me twice shame on me

    I had this procedure twice from this doctor and complained in writing the first time that there was no change. I never heard a response. I went, back in person and Dr. Adam offered a redo. Both times were excruciating and uncomfortable with stitches in your eyelids for a week. He explained that he invented his procedure he performs. That no one else does it.

    That he attaches the ligament to the eyebrow bone. I know why no one else does it because it does not work. I had obvious scars in the hollows above my eye sockets when I went in for follow up. Caused by scar tissue of a failed surgery and redo. Nothing was mention to me about it. I asked what could they do about that. Then he offered laser for a fee.

    I balked then he offered to do it comp. He sent someone in to do laser without pain cream at first. Unbelievable. They are all about the money there. I overheard the doctor call in one time to the lobby wanting to know how busy they’ve been.

  4. I was told to go through rehab.

    I had a nose problem and breathing since childhood. the septum was damaged. Upon collecting my acquaintances, I went to the clinic to see Dr. Adam J. Rubinstein.

    After consultations and testing, the day of surgery was scheduled. The results did not please me. The appearance of the nose has certainly changed. Well, breathing problems remained. I was told to go through rehab.

  5. The clinic is very mediocre.

    The clinic is very mediocre. There are many such clinics, and you can easily choose something more convenient for you. Colorful and loud advertising does not guarantee impeccable service. I performed several procedures that I did before, but did not notice the difference. It was not worth spending so much time to get what you can get almost everywhere.

  6. I am very happy with the results.

    I had a relatively non-invasive neck lift. It was performed exactly like promisied. There was minimal post procedure pain, done in an outpatient setting.

    The pre and post pictures demonstrate objectively that Dr. Rubenstein did an excellent job. I am very happy with the results.

  7. Great doctor. Very professional staff.

    Great doctor. Very professional staff. I am very happy with all results that I have on my body and face. I would recommend this doctor office to everyone.

  8. You recommended me absolutely useless methods of treatment!

    You recommended me absolutely useless methods of treatment! The acoustic wave in my case could not give any result! I learned about this after consulting with another specialist.

    However, you convinced me to undergo this procedure as an “effective treatment”. And what do I have in the end? The result of treatment is missing! Time and money are thrown to the wind!

  9. It didn't hurt my health, but I'm disappointed!

    I thought the therapeutic effect of the acoustic wave would be more pronounced. Why is the effect almost absent!? Your services have been paid for, and the result is zero! It didn’t hurt my health, but I’m disappointed!

  10. I'm going to another clinic where they will do everything right.

    What a horrbile result after face lifting. I thought such a huge price will give more. Nothing positive in it, bad clinic, bad doctor. I’m going to another clinic where they will do everything right.

  11. Got Groupon for Botox, looked like a good deal. WRONG.

    Got Groupon for Botox, looked like a good deal. WRONG. To begin with, the wait time was ONE HOUR. Secondly, I informed Dr. Rubinstein that I have special occasion is coming up.

    I have Botox injections done on regular basis, every 4 months for the past 10 years, so I am not a newbie.NEVER EVER I had any problems. Immediatly after procedure done by Dr. Rubinstein I had huge bubbles under my eye, later they turned into enormous dark purple bruises.

    Needless to say, the vacation my husband planned for my big day was completly ruined. I looked awful. Now, 2 weeks later I still have black spot under eye. Don’t make my mistake, go to somebody more experienced, unless you want to hide from other people for a couple of weeks after simple Botox.

  12. It now needs to be completely redone.

    It now needs to be completely redone. Breathing was made worse than before the surgery. In addition, the bump was reduced too much while the end remained too large. It looks and feels horrible. I have now scheduled another surgery with two specialists to fix what Dr Rubinstein did.

  13. I just called to get an appointment to redeem two Groupon.

    I just called to get an appointment to redeem two Groupon. The very dry and unfriendly person on the other end informed me”Well first of all, you can only use one” I said I understand, we are two people. She says: “We don’t have any appointments until August..” I asked… as in six month from now? She says “yes”

  14. Contemptible and disrespectful.

    Contemptible and disrespectful. I filled a very long form and waited and waited. Changed into a examination room then waited for a long time again. Dr. Adam doesnt consider the value of time and was very unprofessional and doesnt care if patient wait for couple of hours.

  15. Strange clinic and doctor, won't recommend.

    My sister did a facelift here. I hoped Dr. Rubinstein would help her and there will be no problems for such a price the clinic offered. Tho, it was painful one (why? it shouldn’t be), and the result is not the best, but still good. Strange clinic and doctor, won’t recommend.

  16. Dr.Rubinstein gave me everything I wanted since I was seven years old.

    My first appointment with Dr.Rubinstein i was very nervous and anxious but he made me feel very comfortable because he was very honest about the outcome, I am a burn survivor and have been living with burn on my face and other parts of my body for over 20+ years,

    I and gotten multiple surgery’s because of it ( skin graphs, cosmetic, reconstruction and so many different ablative lasers,compression,silicone mask micro-needling. Dr.Rubinstein gave me everything I wanted since I was seven years old.

  17. Well, in general, the result pleased me.

    After the birth of the child began to appear pigmented spots. Heard many good reviews about this doctor. Has passed consultation, doctors attentive, the equipment at the highest level.

    the procedure for removal did not take much time. Only I expected the result better. The spots disappeared not completely. In some places remained the same. Well, in general, the result pleased me.

  18. It was a seamless process with great results!

    From my initial consultation for my cosmetic procedure, through my final appointment and office visit, Dr. Rubinstein and his staff exceeded my expectations. While I’ve had cosmetic procedures previously for medical reasons, this was my first elective cosmetic procedure.

    During the initial consultation, Dr. Rubinstein listened intently to what I was trying to achieve and made recommendations (far less invasive than I had initially believed I may require) for consideration.

  19. The overall experience was great. Will be back for more soon. Thanks.

    The office staff is very helpful, courteous and friendly. They were very understanding when I showed up at the office on the wrong day and proposed several solutions.

    Dr. Rubinstein is very professional and provides information about the procedure and how he is going to address the issue that you are worried about.

  20. I am immensely satisfied with the results of my procedure.

    I am immensely satisfied with the results of my procedure. I’m more confident and self-assured as a result of knowing that I am looking my best no longer have to hide my stomach. The staff was concerned about me before and after my procedure.

    They made me feel comfortable about what I was about to undergo and are always supportive when I come to my post-op appointments. I’ve had no complications and the only challenges were associated with the few days of pain, the numbness in my stomach area and some itching after the surgery.

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