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Dan inputted all these numbers from the air and got me in total trouble

I need you to heed the warning that I got totally screwed when they did my taxes. I had been doing my own taxes with Turbo Tax for years but it got too complicated with depreciation so I decided to hire a professional or who I thought was one based on reviews.

However, right away I realized he did something wrong with my taxes when I had a delay with getting my tax refund from the State. The Franchise Tax Board told me he put the numbers in the wrong place. I’m like “how can that happen”.

Let’s just say after calling and calling Ca State board for weeks, I finally got it straightened out. It was terrible but it was just the beginning of my problem. At the end of 2011, I was sent a letter by the IRS auditing my tax returns because of “Red Flags”!

For some reason Dan inputted data I never gave him. He indicated I had $7k of unreimbursed employee expenses. I told the IRS I have no idea what that else. Then bad went to worse, then they asked why are all your maintenance amount for your properties exactly the same?

That is a HUGE REG FLAG!!! Dan inputted all these numbers from the air and got me in total trouble with the IRS. At least he was decent enough to attempt to fight the IRS but I had to rummage through years of receipts and tax returns dating all the way back to 2005 to finally get it straightened out.

After spending countless hours getting all the paperwork to the IRS and arguing with the IRS, they actually gave me a refund which meant Dan did my taxes entirely wrong because I was owed $2000 when he first did my tax returns.

I wrote to him requesting for a refund of at least $500 since he was neglgent but he refused. I would think he should take responsibility for what he put me through but he wouldn’t. Downtown Tax Service is expensive for a tax preparer. Take my advice… go with a CPA…they are not much more…

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  1. Downtown Tax Service Is Scammer.

    Very good at what he does, but he’s horrifingly slow to respond, if he does at all. I’ve had him file extensions, saying he’d get it done in the next 3-4 weeks.

    A few months later, and after a couple unanswered phone calls, I stop in, and he says “no problem” and gets it done on the spot. Just not confidence inspiring, and pretty dismal customer service, if not answering calls (or ANY emails) at all is some form of customer service.

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Reported Loss :500 $
Severity of Scam :High
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