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Flaky communication, and defensiveness when called out on the flakiness

Dear Domicile Properties, you have tremendously disappointed me. I felt a sense of loyalty that kept things going for awhile; however, much like a slowly dying relationship, I eventually had to let go. Normally this is where I would say… “it’s not you, it’s me,” but that would be a lie.

In this case you can take it personally because it is certainly, defiantly, without a doubt you. I mean, I’m not perfect, but you were just a mess. When we first met you made me feel so special and I truly felt that I was your number one customer! That’s why, when you gave me a list of things to do to get the house ready to sell I jumped on it!

Like a flash of lightning I painted and cleaned and gardened and power washed and steam cleaned…I even had pigeons removed. Now, I don’t want to live in the past, but there were a few things that really broke my heart. I think you should hear about them so hopefully we can all learn from this experience.

1) When you promised in both email and over the phone that you would let me review the Craigslist ad before posting it, I really trusted you. I also trusted that the ad would have complete sentences, correct spelling, and a flattering description of my home.

When you went ahead and posted it anyway with a description my 3 year old niece could have written, with incomplete sentences that drifted off into oblivion and basic spelling errors, I felt shocked. This hastily and carelessly thrown together description couldn’t possibly have come from you.

In disbelief I asked you why you didn’t’ share it with me first and you responded with “we didn’t know you wanted that.” Really? Because what is surprising to me, outside of the fact that we talked about this about 3 times, is that I have it in an email. (let me know if it would help refresh your memory)

2) When you scheduled the first showing on Tuesday I cleaned my home from floor to ceiling all weekend long. You see, I’m an understanding person. That’s why when I called you on Monday to check in about the showing time and you said… “oh, didn’t our secretary call you, it was moved to Thursday,

” I put down my frustration and thought, “okay, mistakes happen.” When Thursday rolled around I took off work that morning so I could get the dog out of the house and could do some last minute cleaning. About an hour after the showing I called you to check on how the show went and what did I get?

“Oh, didn’t our secretary call you, it was moved to Sunday.” Really? Again, your secretary is to blame for bad communication. Does your secretary know you keep pawning things off onto her? Also, wouldn’t you want to check with the owner of the house to make sure it was okay to reschedule? Once, that’s a bummer…twice, common ladies, get your act together!!

3) Oh and then there is the whole money thing. Remember when we first met and you were saying that since I was going to both sell AND buy with Domicile that you would cut me a commission deal? A 1/2 percent!! It was AWESOME. I was SO excited that you were being so generous.

I’m sure you can imagine how my excitement fizzled away like air from a balloon when it came to signing a contract and that rate went up by 1/2 percent. That may not seem like much to you, but that’s a few thousand dollars to me. What was even more surprising was that you just sort of slid that rate hike into the contract with no real mention of the change. I don’t know how you navigate things, but in my world, that’s pretty shady.

4) I’m not sure if you remember, but we didn’t quite finish the contract discussion when the discussion of an open house came up. The open house was scheduled for one weekend, and then it got moved to the following weekend. Mid-week the following week I called to check in and it was canceled because Patty was going out of town and Julie was “too busy.”

Hmm…was she too busy with people trying to sell and buy homes, because guess what…I’m trying to sell and buy a home. Granted, my home won’t sell for $1,000,000, but I am still a customer. I guess the priority of customer will be based on the value of the home in question. Oh yeah, and the amount you will make in commission.

In the end, it was best that we went different directions. We just didn’t want the same things. I wanted to work with a responsible, organized, honest, trustworthy organization (who would spell check prior to posting things online). You, well, you wanted to make some money with the minimum level of work.

I’m sorry to say that your lack of organization, flaky communication, and defensiveness when called out on the flakiness was too much for me to take. Good luck. I’m sure you’ll find someone out there who will meet your needs better. I guess I just wasn’t the one for you.Love,

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  1. Domicile Properties - Compass Bad Service Provide.

    I am fundamentally frustrated with this thing you like to call a “profession”! I was trying to contact my daughter via the snap chat and instead I received a disturbing image of the male genitalia on what look to be in the body of a woman due to the size of his/her breast size! And it doesn’t end there! My husband…

    he’s blind and we just moved to a new town and I took him out on a walk to try and get to know his way around the town but slipped on a very questionable item and someone filmed it on the snap chat and refused to erase the footage so snap chat…

    I have a message for you… I am deeply disappointed and full with dissatisfaction towards your app! Good night all x

  2. with all the competition out there you can do way better.

    IMHO, there are better players out there. I think Domicile is not a bad choice when you are selling. If you are buying, well our experience just wasn’t really good – they didn’t feel like our advocates.

    I would not recommend them to anyone on the buy side. with all the competition out there you can do way better.

  3. interesting

    Very good … interesting!

  4. Great apartments! Great service! Great prices.

    Great apartments! Great service! Great prices. Especially exceptional service when you call them to book a reservation.

  5. I can't recommend Domicile highly enough.

    Seven or eight years ago, Patty and Julie helped us find our first home in SF. And just a few months ago they – along with Shane now – helped us sell the same place. We couldn’t have been more pleased to have them working for us each time.

    It’s incredibly reassuring to know we could trust their advice with each of the many tough decisions we made with both transactions. Hard to overstate that. And they work hard for their money, too! The sale of our home took some real effort and 11th hour chutzpah.

    I doubt the outcome would have ended as well without them on our team. Sounds corny to write that, but it’s true.

  6. give yourself an hour or two with them and take it from there!

    My wife and I would like to add another glowing review of the Domicile team. We were apprehensive first-time homebuyers that went in to discuss our six-month possibilities and ended up with a home in two months.

    Patty helped us pick our target neighborhoods and even mortgage brokers. Shane helped us see more possibilities in some homes we looked at,

    and worked us through a lot of negotiations once we got to the offer step. And Julie phased in for the offer package and closing process. Despite the slight separation of specialties, which doesn’t always appear to be the case, we felt as if each one knew us and our situation perfectly without reintroductions.

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Severity of Scam :High
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