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Diversified Consultants has no proof for the debt I owe

I am a responsible citizen. I pay my bills and taxes on time. My credit score is also good. I have not defaulted on anything ever. However, few months back, I started receiving calls from Diversified Consultants stating that they I was among one the defaulters in their list and I owed a debt of $5600 under my name. They asked me to pay the same or it would result in legal action.

After few days, I got another call. When the first time I received the call, I felt that it was some kind of confusion as I have never done anything like that. However, when I received the second call, I tried to clarify things myself.

I sent them a letter asking for some validation proof or a copy of the paper where my signatures were taken. I requested the bill with some more details to understand when I missed to pay the money. I take care of all my finances very carefully. I have always maintained a dairy which keeps a record for every in and out, especially when its about the bills and loans.

The debt that they were talking about was no where to be found in the dairy as well and it was very confusing. After few days, I received a letter from Diversified Consultants asking me to pay the amount which was different from what they told me on the phone. Not much, but a little. But, how can one expect a company like that to even make such a mistake.

Anyway, they also sent me the copy of the bill which said nothing much, but the spending made on certain date. There was no name on the bill and signature was also missing. I called them on the number provided and asked for a detailed validation. After which, the agent got all fumed up. He started abusing.

He said that all those under debt pretend that they never had any and I was no different. He was not ready to listen and said that he would make sure that it reflects no my credit score. I understand that the law says the same thing if someone is defaulting under law.

However, in my case, I had not even taken any money. Moreover, they were not even able to provide me any proof for the same.

So, how I was the one responsible for paying the money. I asked if I had an option for filing dispute against the debt. The guy disconnected the call. I had to consult my lawyer for the same. I run a business and I am very particular about the money I spend and borrow. There is no way I could have missed paying my bills.

And, they were the one not able to show me the proofs. I knew law will save me. I am not going to pay this company anything. They have to show me the signatures or proofs before claiming that I am defaulting.

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Reported Loss :5600 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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